DEAL NEWS: HUNGOVER by Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall

HUNGOVER: The Morning After and One Man’s Quest for the Cure by Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall, forthcoming from Penguin US and HarperCollins Canada in November 2018 has some exciting international deal news to report!

UK Commonwealth (ex Can) rights to Blink Publishing by Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Samantha Haywood.

Polish rights to Bukowy Las by Agata Zabowska of Book/Lab in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Samantha Haywood.

Korean rights to Cassiopeia Publisher by BC Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Samantha Haywood.

Welcoming author Mark Sampson!

We’re welcoming author Mark Sampson to Transatlantic Agency!

Mark is the author of five books: the novels The Slip (Dundurn Press​, 2017), Sad Peninsula, (Dundurn Press, 2014), and Off Book (Norwood Publishing, 2007), the short story collection, The Secrets Men Keep (Now or Never Publishing, 2015), and the poetry collection, Weathervane, (Palimpsest Press​, 2016). Mark has published many short stories, poems, essays and book reviews in literary journals and magazines across Canada. He holds a journalism degree from the University of King’s College in Halifax and a master’s degree in English from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. Born and raised on Prince Edward Island, he currently lives and writes in Toronto.

Mark’s new novel, ALL THE ANIMALS ON EARTH, brings elements of parody to the standard post-apocalyptic tale. Lowly HR manager Hector Thompson lives in a world ravaged by decades of underpopulation. But when scientists discover a way to transmogrify various species of birds and mammals into humanoid form, Hector finds his life turned utterly upside down. This is a story about unrelenting change, about a society out of control and barely recognizable to itself, and about how one man seeks solace and camaraderie in a world that is clearly moving on without him.

Mark is represented by Stephanie Sinclair.

Welcoming Priyanka Naik to Transatlantic Agency!

Welcome @ChefPriyanka to Transatlantic Agency!

Priyanka Naik is a 2017 Food Network Award Winning Chef, Food Blogger, Editor, and Influencer. Born and raised in Staten Island, NY, Chef Priyanka’s specialty is bringing together ingredients, flavors, and cultures through original vegetarian dishes in an Indian Twist on Global Classics. Her flavor profile and cooking skills landed her a spot on the Food Network Show Cooks vs. Cons, where she defeated two professionals and one amateur cook to take home the title of best cook and the prize of $10,000 – with purely vegetarian food!

She was the first Twitter employee to be a Guest Chef at the Twitter NYC HQ and the third-ever Twitter employee to be a Guest Chef at Twitter San Francisco HQ serving over 2000, thus joining the Twitter Guest Chef “Hall of Fame” amongst Nigella Lawson, Bryant Terry, Virginia Willis, and other world renowned chefs. She is also a contributing editor to her hometown NYC-based newspaper, the Staten Island Advance, builds sponsored content with brands such as Motorola for GQ, Laxmi House of Spices, LUMI, Biena Snacks, is regularly invited to promote NYC restaurants, is a speaker at the 2018 #TECHMunch Conference and is writing her first cookbook.

A glimpse into Priyanka’s lifestyle and cooking style can be found on and YouTube.

DEAL NEWS: 6 foreign rights deals for Iain Reid’s FOE

Iain Reid‘s stellar sophomore novel, FOE, published with Simon & Schuster yesterday in the US and on August 7th in Canada – now we’re thrilled to share 6 more territories publishing this must-read book!

UK Commonwealth ex Canada sold to Suzanne Baboneau, Managing Director of S&S for their Scribner imprint by Stephanie Sinclair and Samantha Haywood.

Italian rights in a two-book deal to Rizzoli by Erica Berla of the Berla & Griffini Rights Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Samantha Haywood.

German rights to Droemer by Hannah Fosh of Liepman Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Samantha Haywood.

Brazilian rights to Editora Rocco by Marta de Bru de Sala of The Foreign Office in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Samantha Haywood.

Czech rights in a two book deal to Leda by Stephanie on behalf of Samantha Haywood.

Turkish rights to HEP KITAP as an Imprint of TEAS Yayincilik A.S. by the Kalem Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Samantha Haywood..

Happy book birthday to Iain Weir’s THE DEATH AND LIFE OF STROTHER PURCELL

Happy book birthday to Ian Weir‘s THE DEATH AND LIFE OF STROTHER PURCELL, published yesterday with Goose Lane Editions​!

An archetypal saga of obsession, treachery, lost love, murder and revenge. A deadpan revisionist Western, refracted through the lens of a Southern Gothic revenge tragedy, THE DEATH AND LIFE OF STROTHER PURCELL is a novel about the power of the past…and the lengths we’ll go in order to invent it.

Ian Weir is a screenwriter, playwright and novelist. His debut novel Daniel O’Thunder, published in 2009, was a finalist for four awards: the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize Best First Book Award, the First Novel Award, the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize and the e Canadian Authors Association’s Award for Fiction. Among his extensive television credits, he was the writer and executive producer of the acclaimed crime thriller Dragon Boys, a CBC miniseries that first aired in 2007. His stage plays have been produced across Canada and in the U.S. and U.K., and he is the author of ten radio dramas. He has won two Geminis, four Leos, a Jessie and the Writers Guild of Canada Canadian Screenwriting Award. His last novel, Will Starling, was longlisted for the Dublin IMPAC and published in Canada and the U.S.


“This is an outstanding novel, alternately tragic and funny, grim and joyous, about spilled blood, shattered lives, and the redemptive power of both the smallest good deed and the grand selfless act.” Publishers Weekly​, starred review

“Ian Weir’s The Death and Life of Strother Purcell is a literary exegesis on truth disguised as a rollicking, tragic Western entertainment. Cain and Abel and the Sisters brothers got nothing on towering Strother Purcell and his club-footed half-brother Elijah Dillashay. When lies are this well-loved they transform into truth and truth into history. On top of all that, it’s hilarious.”
-Hart Hanson, author of Driver and creator of Bones

“Ian Weir takes every trope in the Western’s play-book – the one-eyed avenging lawman, the feckless brother, tarts both with and without hearts, gunslingers, gimps and gamblers – and makes of them something new and utterly wonderful. Any writer who uses ‘walrus’ as verb gets my vote. This wildly entertaining and witty yarn made me gasp, hoot and holler. If Clint doesn’t play Strother Purcell in the movie I’ll eat my stetson.”
-C. C. Humphreys, author of Plague and Chasing the Wind

“What a fantastic yarn, as they say, by turns tragic and droll, intimate and expansive, with every thread stretching taut towards an epic conclusion. The Life and Death of Strother Purcell is also, if you get past the page-turning thrill of it, a fascinating and insightful commentary on how stories are built, and on our determination to see them come to light and be given their due. As for Strother, he strides on the page — epic and tragic—a man trapped in the myths of manhood and gunslinging, a man of a bygone era, who cannot allow bygones to be just that.”
-Claire Mulligan, author of The Reckoning of Boston Jim and The Dark

The Death and Life of Strother Purcell is masterfully crafted storytelling, witty and pacy and scratchy with grit. When it comes to the ‘Canadian Western,’ Ian Weir thrills and heartbreaks in similar ways as Guy Vanderhaeghe, and if that all sounds like a good time – and it is – you ought to read them both.”
-Andrew Pyper, author of The Only Child and The Demonologist

Happy book birthday to Angie Abdou’s HOME ICE

Happy book birthday to Angie Abdou​‘s HOME ICE, published yesterday with ECW Press​!

HOME ICE chronicles and illuminates a full season in the life of a hockey parent, offering a nuanced and unflinching self-portrait of a mother dedicated to supporting her son’s passion for amateur hockey but struggling with ambivalence over our society’s often troubling sport culture and its impact on her family.

Angie Abdou has published four books, including three novels: The Bone Cage (a CBC Canada Reads finalist in 2011), The Canterbury Trail (a Banff Mountain Book finalist in 2011) and Between (2014, Arsenal Press). Angie is an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Athabasca University. Her nonfiction has appeared in various magazines and newspapers, including National Post and Elle Magazine. Her novel IN CASE I GO launched with Arsenal Pulp Press Fall 2017.

Advance Praise for HOME ICE:

Selected as one of 49th Shelf​‘s most anticipated nonfiction books this fall!

“The author brings a novelist’s eye to the story, telling it in first-person present tense; with its sharp characterizations and dialogue in place of autobiographical exposition, the book is a first-rate memoir and a fine example of narrative nonfiction. It’s also a must-read for parents with youngsters who play organized sports.” Booklist, starred review

Home Ice is an open, honest account of minor hockey life and I think parents with kids in hockey, or even considering it, should give this book a try.”
-Allison Hikes, the Bookwoods blog

“A beautifully written and wise look at the troubling culture surrounding amateur sports through the eyes of a conflicted hockey mom. Home Ice reminds us ‘the best lessons we take from hockey have nothing to do with winning.”
-Erica Ehm, Creator and Publisher of

“Needing more hockey books written by women in our canon, Angie Abdou delivers with writing so clear you can smell the arena ammonia and feel the ice shavings through a novelist’s eye and a parent’s heart. Abdou has emerged as one of the country’s best writers on sport at any level.”
-Rheostatics’ Dave Bidini, author of Keon and Me and publisher of the West End Phoenix

“Angie Abdou’s son loves playing hockey; she loves her son. Ergo, she must strike a deal with the sport – with the expense, risk of concussion, crazy weekend commutes, early mornings, marital strains and occasional heartbreak involved in being a hockey mom. I don’t give a hoot about hockey but I couldn’t put this memoir down. As a former competitive athlete, Abdou has to rethink her focus on winning at all costs when it comes to her son’s happiness on the rink. Home Ice is searingly honest, compassionate and always engaging. Anyone who has experienced the unique anxiety of watching a son or daughter play a team sport will be grateful for this truth-telling book.”
-Marni Jackson is the author of the bestselling memoir The Mother Zone, and Home Free: The Myth of the Empty Nest

Welcoming bestselling author, Amy Stuart!

We’re elated to welcome bestselling author Amy Stuart to Transatlantic Agency!

Amy is the top thriller writer of instant and ongoing national bestsellers, Still Mine and Still Water. (World rights available ex: North America, Touchstone U.S. and S&S Canada). Nominated for the Arthur Ellis Best First Novel award, and winner of the 2011 Writers’ Union of Canada Short Fiction Competition, Amy’s writing has previously appeared in newspapers and magazines across Canada. Amy lives in Toronto with her husband and their three sons. She is currently at work on her third novel in the linked trilogy. Visit her at or @AmyfStuart.

Amy is represented by Samantha Haywood.

Happy U.S. book birthday to Iain Reid’s FOE

Yesterday was U.S. publication day for Iain Reid‘s FOE, now available through Scout Press​! Editions in 6 other territories (so far!) to follow, plus a film in the works with Anonymous Content​ who have optioned the rights.

FOE is an unsettling philosophical thriller that churns with unease from its first page, and memorably blurs the boundaries of literary, horror, and science fiction. FOE explores the struggle between desperation and fear, delusion and obligation, marriage and individuality.

FOE became an instant national bestseller after the initial release in Canada last month and we’re thrilled to see the rave reviews coming in, in the U.S. ahead of today’s publication:

“Reid is at it again, exploiting readers with plot twists, narrative unease, and explosive conclusions in his second novel… [he] has the rare ability to make readers both uncomfortable and engaged, and this drama will surely send them back to the beginning pages to track the clues he left to the surprise ending.” Booklist​, starred review

“Such an ambitious work risks being muddied. Reid, however, brilliantly executes his vision… With Foe, Reid has written a page-turning novel that will entertain you and have you questioning the very foundation of your existence at the exact same time.”

“Reid’s prose is sparse and punchy, and he masterfully pulls you in from the first page…Reid is remarkable for delivering hypnotic, twisty plots and taunt prose in a short novel. Foe is a clever tale which examines domestic relationships and one’s self as it begs the bigger question, ‘What constitutes normalcy?’” -New York Journal of Books​

“Reid proves once again that he is a master of atmosphere and suspense. Readers won’t be able to put this one down.”
-Publishers Weekly​

“Reid builds to a deeply unsettling climax. As much a surgical dissection of what makes a marriage as an expertly paced, sparsely detailed psychological thriller, this is one to read with the lights on.”
-Kirkus Reviews​

Keep your eyes open for more news about FOE soon!

DEAL NEWS: 5 foreign rights deals for D&Q’s SABRINA by Nick Drnaso!

We’re pleased to share 5(!) foreign rights deals for Nick Drnaso‘s SABRINA on behalf of our client Drawn and Quarterly. SABRINA recently made history by being the first graphic novel to be long-listed for The Man Booker Prize.

Korean rights sold at auction to Book 21 by Sibylle Books Literary Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair and Samantha Haywood.

Japanese rights sold to Hayakawa Publishing by Japan Uni Agency, Inc in association with Stephanie Sinclair and Samantha Haywood.

German rights sold at auction to Aufbau Verlag by Stephanie Sinclair and Samantha Haywood.

Danish rights sold to Fahrenheit Forlag by Sebes & Bisseling Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair and Samantha Haywood.

Croatian rights sold to VBZ by Stephanie Sinclair and Samantha Haywood.