CM Magazine Praises A DAY OF SIGNS AND WONDERS by Kit Pearson!

PKADayofSignsandWondersCanadian Materials loves the new Kit Pearson novel! A DAY OF SIGNS AND WONDERS (HarperCollins Canada) received 4/4 stars from the prestigious journal, comparing the middle-grade historical novel about a fictional event in artist Emily Carr’s early life with L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables and Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway. “Kit Pearson’s novel is outstanding on many levels.”


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Iain Reid‘s debut novel I’M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS launched last month on June 14th and has since made waves. With sales in 12 territories to date, this chilling novel has been rapidly collecting accolades. We’re excited to share a few notable accomplishments – congratulations Iain!

 Scout Press, S&S US; S&S Canada; Text Publishing UK & ANZ; Prometheus, The Netherlands; Rocco Brazil; Presses de la Cite, France; HaKursa, Israel; Lindhardt og Ringhof, Denmark; Droemer, Germany; Teas, Turkey; Prosznski, Poland and WeLearn, Thailand


“…Reid’s preternaturally creepy debut unfolds like a bad dream, the kind from which you desperately want to wake up yet also want to keep dreaming so you can see how everything fits together—or, rather, falls apart…Reid’s tightly crafted tale toys with the nature of identity and comes by its terror honestly, building a wall of intricately layered psychological torment so impenetrable it’s impossible to escape.” Kirkus, starred review
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“Nonfiction author Reid (The Truth About Luck) fuses suspense with philosophy, psychology, and horror in his unsettling first novel set in an unspecified locale…Capped with an ending that will shock and chill, this twisty tale invites multiple readings.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

“The construct of this book is brilliant and unusual and should appeal to fans of psychological thrillers, as well as to some horror fans. A dark and compelling debut novel, it is a most uncomfortable read but utterly unputdownable.” Booklist, starred review


“This is a deliciously frightening novel, Reid has a light, idiosyncratic touch but never lets his vice-like grip of suspense slacken for a second. Once finished, you will be hard pressed not to start the whole terrifying journey all over again.” –The Independent

“The boldest and most original literary thriller to appear in some time. . . In addition to Cronenberg, the ghost of Stephen King hovers over these pages.” Chicago Tribune

“Your dread and unease will mount with every passing page of this relationship tale.” Entertainment Weekly


Hear the NPR interview:

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And for more insight into why Iain wrote this book, watch one of his publisher’s, Text Publishing, video interviews:


– Bestseller on all three national newspapers in Canada: The Globe and Mail, National Post and Toronto Star
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4 Star Romantic Times Review for Ane Mulligan’s latest …

HOME TO CHAPEL SPRINGS coverAne Mulligan has received a 4 Star review from Romantic Times for her delightful HOME TO CHAPEL SPRINGS, the third of four fun titles, releasing in May 2016 from indie press Lighthouse of the Carolinas.

From the review: Chapel Springs: where anything can happen, and usually does. Claire and her best friend Patsy are as lovable as ever; even with all the new problems they face, they keep their sense of humor. The storyline is believable, and readers will identify with issues that are mentioned in the book. Mulligan writes with humor and wit. This book does not disappoint. – See more at:

Publishers Weekly Starred Review of I’M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS by Iain Reid

RII'mThinkingofEndingThingsUSBannerCovIain Reid has received yet another starred review for his incredible and haunting thriller I’M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS (Forthcoming June 2016 from Scout Press/Simon & Schuster Canada/Text Australia & UK/and soon thereafter from Presse de la Cite France and Rocco Brazil), this time from Publishers Weekly! The review says of the novel “Capped with an ending that will shock and chill, this twisty tale invites multiple readings.” This is the third starred review Iain’s debut novel has received, having previously received rave reviews from Kirkus and Booklist!

Kirkus Praises I’M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS by Iain Reid

RII'mThinkingofEndingThingsUSBannerCovWe are very pleased to share the wonderful starred (!) Kirkus review of I’M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS by Iain Reid(Forthcoming June 2016 from Scout Press/Simon & Schuster Canada/Text Australia & UK/and soon thereafter from Presse de la Cite France and Rocco Brazil)
The review says that “Reid’s tightly crafted tale toys with the nature of identity and comes by its terror honestly, building a wall of intricately layered psychological torment so impenetrable it’s impossible to escape.” To read on, please visit

Praise for Meadowlark by Wendi Stewart

SWMeadowlarkcovWe are thrilled to congratulate Wendi Stewart on her phenomenal praise on her haunting debut novel, MEADOWLARK. Wendi was also recently included on Publisher’s Weekly’s Hot Fall Adult Titles list of Canadian publications, in the good company of Margaret Atwood and Patrick deWitt!

For the Quill and Quire review-


Sigal Samuel’s THE MYSTICS OF MILE END (Freehand Books, Spring 2015/HarperCollins Fall 2015) has received an amazing starred review from the Library Journal, excerpted here:

SSMysticsCADcovEvery character in this outstanding first novel is searching for a reason to exist—not just the Meyer family, but also their neighbors and close friends. The need for human relationships and mysticism’s relationship to life impel them forward into very questionable actions that might have disastrous consequences. This heart-stopping narrative will keep readers glued until the very end.

—Andrea Kempf, formerly with Johnson Cty. Community Coll. Lib., Overland Park, KS

Praise for Lizard Radio by Pat Schmatz

SPLizardRadioCov1Transatlantic is proud to share a remarkable review of Pat Schmatz’s forthcoming novel, LIZARD RADIO, which praises the novel as being “sophisticated, character-driven science fiction, as notable for its genderqueer protagonist as for its intricate, suspenseful plot.” — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

To read the full review, please visit:


Circle of Stones by Suzanne Alyssa Andrew

Circle of Stones cover imageTransatlantic is thrilled to celebrate the launch of Suzanne Alyssa Andrew’s debut novel, CIRCLE OF STONES – (Film/TV rights available. World rights: Dundurn)— by sharing some of the impressive media attention the book has received so far.

“Circle of Stones is a stunning reading experience, a novel that spans the country, evoking the goth clubs of Ottawa as strongly as it does the beachfront communities of Vancouver Island (where the author grew up), bringing to life a panoply of characters, any one of whom could anchor a novel in their own right. Despite the complexities of the structure, the novel is easily accessible, owing largely to the crystalline quality of Andrew’s prose, her deft skill with detail and setting, and the accessibility, the humanity, of her characters.”–Vancouver Sun

“A stunning mosaic, where isolated individuals are intriguingly interwined.” –National Post

“Characters are startlingly realized in vivid, stark lines. The reader is amazed all these people… have been born from just one writer’s pen.” –Pickle Me This

“In Circle of Stones, Andrew has taken an innovative approach to a timeless subject.” –Quill and Quire

“Suzanne Alyssa Andrew’s novel reveals the secret lives of the almost-invisible strangers we encounter every day—the timid elderly woman next door, the sullen street kid, the stone-faced government worker—and traces the hidden connections among them. In this enthralling, character-driven book, nobody is quite as they seem, and routine interactions have surprising layers of meaning. Andrew brings a sweet vulnerability to her unwittingly entwined protagonists, and sets a compelling mystery at the heart of it all.” -Jessica Westhead, author of And Also Sharks and Pulpy & Midge

“Suzanne Alyssa Andrew’s writing is sinuous, polished and deceptively simple, drawing you closer to her characters, their fears and longings, and all the mysteries they are trying to penetrate. This novel is a dragonfly’s view on a complex story of love, loss, and art, in twelve chapters. I enjoyed the shifting point of view because it makes the reading experience both exciting and challenging—as a reader, I was also a fully engaged participant in the novel, finding connections, and empathy, with and for the characters.” -Rebecca Rosenblum, author of Once and The Big Dream