The Unlikely Hero of Room 13b

UnlikelyHeroAs a STARRED SLJ review for THE UNLIKELY HERO OF ROOM 13b by Teresa Toten says, “Hazel and Augustus need to move over because Batman and Robyn are about to take their place in the annals of YA literary romantic couples.” Here’s the full, awe-struck review:


Toten, Teresa. Delacorte. 2015.. ISBN 9780553507867.

Gr 8 Up-Hazel and Augustus need to move over because Batman and Robyn are about to take their place in the annals of YA literary romantic couples. The two teens meet in a group setting for those afflicted by obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Adam Ross, aka Batman, has severe OCD that is debilitating at times. He is intimidated when he joins a weekly group because most of the members are a bit older than him; there also is a girl who he finds irresistible. Each group member takes on a superhero persona for sessions at the urging of their psychologist. Adam chooses Batman, and is floored when his crush Robyn chooses Robin in order to be his sidekick. Adam has a knack for helping others who struggle with their own issues, including his half-brother, Sweetie, who has regular meltdowns; his mother, who is a hoarder; and his best friend, Ben, who has a weight problem. Unfortunately, he is so consumed with his own counting, tapping, and difficulties entering thresholds that he does not realize his gifts. Through Adam, Toten examines the trials and tribulations of OCD head on, but Adam also deals with the usual teenage problems of love, friendships, school, and divorced parents. Readers will relate to Adam’s anxieties and root for him as his relationship with Robyn develops. VERDICT This is a definite next-read for teens who loved John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars (Dutton, 2012) and Cammie McGovern’s Say What You Will (HarperCollins, 2014). —School Library Journal

Praise for Eliott Behar’s TELL IT TO THE WORLD

Behar2015bwWe are proud to share some of the remarkable praise for former prosecutor Eliott Behar’s TELL IT TO THE WORLD– a book that examines the causes and consequences of mass violence, identifying a powerful and disturbing connection between the justice we seek and the injustices we commit.

The book received this insightful review in Quill & Quire: “Tell It to the World is a difficult read, but a necessary one, given that, to paraphrase Life magazine’s rationale for publishing Robert Capa’s graphic 1930s Spanish Civil War photographs, the dead need to be spoken about so that they did not die in vain.”

See Eliott on the CBC show The Current – you can download the podcast, or go to: CBC’s The Current

The book was covered by the Canadian International Council. To see an excerpt of the book, for which Eliott wrote an introduction:

The book received this phenomenal review by Blacklock’s Reporter in Ottawa: “Tell It To The World is a haunting and poignant and remarkable book. To read it is to gain some greater understanding of humanity.”

Eliott Behar developed an early interest in international human rights, criminal justice, and human psychology. Following his graduation from law school he became a Crown Attorney in Toronto, where he prosecuted cases ranging from fraud to murder, argued complex criminal appeals, and provided legal advice to the Attorney General on issues from hate crimes to child abductions. In 2008, Eliott became a war crimes prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague, an experience that provided the impetus for his recent book. His varied career has also seen him prosecute police officers as part of a specialized trial unit, appear twice at the Supreme Court of Canada, and investigate cyber crime for Apple in California.

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The Lonely End of the Rink

THE LONELY END OF THE RINK book tour dates - Prairies
Coming your way.

After an amazing swing through Quebec and Ontario, the tour for Grant Lawrence’s book THE LONELY END OF THE RINK now unfolds into the vast and frozen Canadian prairies.

Since its release in October, THE LONELY END OF THE RINK (Douglas & McIntyre) has hit #1 on the BC Bestsellers List, and currently hovers around #3 on the National Bestsellers list for Paperback Nonfiction.

This weekend will feature musical performances at all the book events:
Saskatoon: Maybe Smith
Bruno: Kay and the Cadillacs
St. Albert: Mike MacDonald (Jr. Gone Wild)
Calgary: KJ Jansen (Chixdiggit), Matt Masters


“I hate hockey but I love this book”
– Cory Ashworth, The Peak FM

“Grant Lawrence is a razor-sharp humourist”
– Times Colonist, Victoria

“One of Canada’s leading storytellers”
– Vancouver Sun

“Soul-searching, candid and clever”
– Ron MacLean, Hockey Night In Canada

“Like David Sedaris in a Canadian tuxedo”
– Boyd Devereaux, Stanley Cup Champion, Detroit Red Wings

“Heartbreaking and hilarious”
– Angie Abdou, author, The Bone Cage

“It’s not always pretty, but this is a funny, poignant, and very Canadian story”.
– Kevin Sylvester, CBC broadcaster

Details can be found at:

The sleeper hit of the summer: The Silent Wife

The Silent WifeIt’s undoubtedly one of the hottest books this summer, and yet it’s not one of the big household-name blockbusters you’d expect: it’s a paperback original by a debut fiction author, and Canadian at that. The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison is being called “this year’s Gone Girl” – only better – by media across North America, and the sales are beginning to prove it.

The Silent Wife, on the New York Times bestseller list since August 4. Reviews consistently rave about this psychological thriller done right: “thrill-ride of a debut” says the Globe and Mail, and “it’s a deliciously dark tale, smarter, more layered and insightful than standard genre fare” writes Maclean’s. Rarely does a sleeper hit like this climb the ranks among some of the biggest writers and the most anticipated releases of the year. The New York Times profiled the novel and the late Ms. Harrison’s success in a piece about the incredible momentum after just one month on-sale. With over 31,000 copies in print in Canada and 144,000 in the US, the ride has just begun.

More Praise for The Silent Wife (PDF)