Gregory Wilson Taylor

Gregory Wilson Taylor’s Son, a début mystery with a page-turning plot, concerns every parent’s worst nightmare. Set in present-day, small-town Washington State, Son explores what happens when John Tremaine, a recently widowed lawyer, finds out that Kyle, his troubled stepson, harbors a secret crush on his best friend’s girl, which may implicate him in her brutal murder. Gregory Wilson Taylor’s writing has appeared in Maclean’s, The Globe and Mail, Vancouver Province, Time, Fortune, Sports Illustrated, and Reader’s Digest magazines, among others. His feature story in Reader’s Digest Canada, about the tragic death in 1981 of 84 men on the Ocean Ranger oil rig off Newfoundland, won a National Magazine Award for Investigative Journalism. Greg has also has written, directed, and produced more than 100 television documentaries for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He holds a Bachelor of Journalism (Honours) degree with Political Science from Carleton University. He has travelled extensively, visiting every continent on the planet not covered in ice, and has lived in Spokane, Washington, England, and numerous places in Canada. He lives north of Toronto with his wife, Linda.