Jack Winter

Jack Winter was born in Canada, educated in Montreal and Toronto and taught modern theatre and creative writing at several Canadian and British universities including York University (Toronto) and University of Bristol (UK). During the 1960s and the 1970s he was resident playwright and dramaturge at Toronto Workshop Productions as well as a freelance playwright/director.  In 1976 he moved to England where he continues to teach and to write. The author of numerous stage plays, radio and television productions, and cinema films as well as critical articles, prose fiction, and non-fiction, and several books of poetry, his awards include the Ontario Arts Council Senior Writer’s Award, the Canada Council Senior Arts Fellowship, the Canadian Film Award for the Best Documentary Film, an Academy Award nomination for the Best Short Subject, the C. Day-Lewis Fellowship of the Greater London Arts Association, and the Arts Council of Great Britain Creative Writing Fellowship (twice).


WJTalesoftheEmperorCov2Tales of the Emperor (Talon Books, Fall 2015)

“an elaborate fantasy [like] a set of handcrafted nesting boxes … Winter skillfully interweaves fact and fiction…Tales of the Emperor is an admirable achievement” –Winnipeg Free Press




My TWP Plays: A Collection Including Ten Lost Years (Talonbooks, 2014)

“Jack Winter worked on a dozen shows in as many years with George Luscombe…in a collaboration that produced truly magnificent work…plays that are now legendary. …Their work deserves to be remembered and honoured, and there is much to be learned from it yet. But perhaps the real value here is the restoration of the plays…to the canon of Canadian theatre and, perhaps, some day, a return to the stage.” -Alan Filewood, Theatre Research in Canada

“It’s a great project and would be a major addition to knowledge.”
– Ric Knowles, professor of Theatre Studies, University of Guelph and editor of Canadian Theatre Review

“A long overdue missing piece in Canada’s theatrical history.”
– Stephen Johnson, Director, Graduate Centre for Study of Drama, University of Toronto

“I think that the TWP book is really special: an anthology of original works from the early days of contemporary theatre making in Toronto, gathered together in the context of the originating theatre company, and lucidly contextualized by the playwright. I think this is a really excellent addition to our understanding of the birth of our modern Canadian theatre.” – Peter McKinnon, Professor of Theatre, York University


The Tallis Bag (Oberon Press, 2012)

“A highly affective memoir…threaded together in a back-and-forth structure that jumps across time and topic in a manner that is not unlike his TWP plays…remarkably honest and unsentimental … his eye is sharp.” -Alan Filewood, Theatre Research in Canada

Agent: David Bennett