Jan Andrews

Jan Andrews lives at the end of a road on a lake in Lanark, Ontario. She believes this is the perfect setting for someone who is a passionate lover of the outdoors. She started writing in the seventies when Canadian Children’s Literature was just beginning to come into its own and has been delighted to be part of the process of flourishing and growth. She writes out of a conviction that young people have within them all that they need to manage in their lives. Her faith in her readers shows clearly in her work. Jan is also a storyteller. She tells for listeners of all ages and has a strong commitment to ensuring that the life of the traditional folk material is maintained. She has told at festivals across the country and is known for holding her audiences spellbound with performances of depth and power. A dedicated organizer, she has been the Artistic Director for two storytelling series and has hosted complete tellings of The Iliad and The Odyssey in her own backyard.

More information about Jan Andrews can be found on her website: jansstorytellingclub.wordpress.com/2011/10/04/the-legacy/


The Silent Summer of Kyle McGinley (Great Plains Teen Fiction, 2013)
Keri (Groundwood Books, 1996) Shortlisted, Governor General’s Literary Award
Shortlisted, Manitoba Young Readers’ Choice Award
Selected, White Ravens International Youth Library
Reviewed, CBC Morningside, Books in Canada, Globe and Mail “Jan Andrews appears to have chosen every word of this short novel with utmost care, nevertheless the effect is one of effortlessness. She depicts with great skill and insight not just the inner life of a 13-year-old, but also the vagaries of the mother-daughter relationship. Newfoundland’s language and landscape emerge from Andrews’s prose real and poignantly beautiful….The reader will close this book transformed.”
– Globe And Mail
The Auction (Groundwood Books, 1990) Shortlisted, Governor General’s Literary Award
Shortlisted, Ruth Schwartz Children’s Literature Prize “This text says a great deal in a few simple words, expressing a lifetime of joy and sorrow. The story of one rural family becomes a symbol for the passing of a way of life.”
– Citation, Governor General’s Literary Award
Very Last First Time (Groundwood Books, 1985) Shortlisted, Canada Council Children’s Literature Prize
Shortlisted, Ruth Schwartz Award
Shortlisted, Washington State Children’s Picture Book Award
Selected, White Ravens International Youth Library
Selected American Library Association Notable Books
Reviewed, Reading Rainbow, Globe and Mail, New York Times “Andrews recounts Eva’s adventure with commendable economy….The imagination is left to reel at the exhilarating and terrifying prospect presented…In its understatement, the moment of rescue can be seen for what it is – a rebirth.”
– Globe And Mail

Series Fiction

A Season of MiraclesDear Canada anthology(Scholastic Canada, 2006)
Winter Of PerilDear Canada: The Newfoundland Diary Of Sophie Loveridge, 1720(Scholastic Canada, 2005) Our Choice, Canadian Children’s Book Centre “Sophie’s father has taken the family to live by themselves in Newfoundland for a year. It is 1721 and Sophie’s impractical father dreams of writing a book about the family’s exploits…. Sophie is a gentle and thoroughly engaging heroine and a welcome addition to this series.”
– Canadian Children’s Book Centre News


When Apples Grew Noses and White Horses Flew Tales of Ti-Jean shared by a master storyteller.
(Groundwood, 2011) illustrated by Dušan Petricic Silver Birch Express Award, 2012 Forest of Reading
Junior Library Guild Selection
USBBY Outstanding International Books 2012, Honor
Shortlist, Book of the Year for Children, 2012,
Canadian Library Association
Rude Stories Eight traditional, slightly irreverant, tales from around the world combine a taste of the absurd in this wonderful read aloud.
(Tundra, 2010)Illustrated by Francis Blake”Andrews has retold eight traditional “rude” tales from around the world, each one uttered in the bold, flexible voice of a candid, opinionated narrator. There’s conniving Mr. Mosquito, who doesn’t get the comeuppance he deserves, but lives in ill-gotten splendour; a magical fan that has the power to seriously aggrandize one’s posterior; a couple of sisters who have a long and surprising belching contest. Such are the subject matters, not too rude, but a little bit risqué and outlandish…Jokes about bottoms, various insults and bodily functions have their place, but the undercurrent here has to do with why we think some things are shameful, and some not.”
– Deirdre Baker, The Toronto Star
Stories At The Door(Tundra Books, 2007)”Whimsical, colourful and full of mischief, the drawings are like a bag full of candy. And Andrew’s stories are equally fun, offbeat and infused with a quirky wisdom …. When this books comes knocking at the door, let it in.”
– Today’s Parent”… [a] deliciously quirky collection.”
– The Toronto Star
Out Of The EverywhereNew Tales For Canada, illustrated by Simon Ng(Groundwood Books, 2000) Starred, Our Choice, Canadian Children’s Book Centre “Andrews’s masterstroke is to set her ten tales in North America and to bestow immigrant status on their protagonists…..The narratives are swift and taut and occasionally wink playfully at the reader….Each story’s lustrous if brooding main image bleeds onto the facing page, reinforcing the notion of muddled boundaries underpinning each tale.”
– Horn Book

Picture Books

The Twelve Days Of Summerillustrated by Susan R. Jolliffe(Orca Books, 2005) Our Choice, Canadian Children’s Book Centre “Here is a very enjoyable book borrowing on the “Twelve Days of Christmas” song theme….With each page and newly added animal, it becomes a test of observation skills to find all the plants, animals and insects the artist has lovingly drawn….This will be a popular read-aloud book in your collection.”
– Puget Sound Council for Reviewing Children’s Media
Pa’s Harvestillustrated by by Cybèle Young(Groundwood Books, 2000) Our Choice, Canadian Children’s Book Centre
Starred review, Quill and Quire
Reviewed, Globe & Mail “Veteran storyteller Jan Andrews, author of the Canadian storytelling classics Very Last First Time and The Auction, has taken a true Depression-era story and moulded it into a tiny literary gem…. Every word seems accounted for in this spare, elegant text”
Quill And Quire
Pumpkin Time(Groundwood Books, 1990)”Andrews has a direct line to school-age children in this, her latest picture-storybook. Zany, and off-the-wall the comic story tells about a single mom who turns into a pumpkin, much to the wonder, yet matter-of-fact acceptance of her three children.”
– Ottawa Citizen

Agent: Marie Campell