Jessica Wilson

Whether it’s writing her first fiction project, The Mary Janes, or working on the front lines for Greenpeace, Jessica Wilson is always "going green" on the job. From her early years as a crime and politics reporter for the Ottawa Citizen to her role in launching the cutting-edge youth daily Dose across the country, Jessica’s writing has taken her from Montreal crime scenes to Ottawa club scenes.
A Toronto native, Jessica graduated from j-school in Ottawa in 2005 before writing and editing her away around the world.  In 2007, after five months in South East Asia, she settled in Vancouver, or "Vansterdam," and it wasn’t long before her journalistic inclination inched her deeper into the heart of the debate around the compassionate use of marijuana. The story led Jessica from the fringes of pot culture to its very core. Teaming up with former journalism colleague Raina Delisle, the dope duo delved into the pot-itics of the city they loved, and emerged with The Mary Janes. The work has been dubbed a threesome between the L-Word, Weeds and Sex and the City.  A film/TV option is already under negotiation.
As much an environmentalist as she is a writer, Jessica continues to work in communications at Greenpeace, and is excited to join Raina in transitioning their work from the page to the screen. Jessica and Raina continue to work on the next books in The Mary Janes series.