Deal News: The Honey Farm by Harriet Alida Lye

Canada English rights to Harriet Alida Lye‘s unnerving novel, THE HONEY FARM, for fans of Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan and readers of Kazuo Ishiguro’s haunting novel Never Let Me Go, THE HONEY FARM is a psychological thriller about art, bees and love – when beekeeper Cynthia offers young artists free room and board in exchange for help on the farm, strange things start happening, resembling the plagues from the Book of Exodus, triggering a Catholic would-be-poet into an increasingly terrorized state where she can no longer tell if Cynthia is her protector or her destroyer – to Whitney Moran at Vagrant Press for Spring 2018 by Stephanie Sinclair.

Deal News: Lear’s Shadow by Claire Holden Rothman

Claire Holden RothmanFor readers of Ann Patchett, Governor General’s Award finalist and twice longlisted Scotiabank Giller Prize author Claire Holden Rothman’s LEAR’S SHADOW tells the mesmerizing story of Beatrice Rose who, after losing her career and the love of her life, has lost her way and finds herself stuck caring for her aging father only to discover the fascinating world of an urban Shakespeare troupe which unveils new meanings, a new love, and a new life — to Shima Aoki and Nicole Winstanley at Penguin Canada for Fall 2018 by Samantha Haywood of the Transatlantic Agency (Canada, English).

Deal News: The Chloe Ellefson Mystery Series by Kathleen Ernst

World English audio rights to Emmy award-winning author Kathleen Ernst’s OLD WORLD MURDER, THE HEIRLOOM MURDERS, and THE LIGHT KEEPER’S LEGACY, the first three books in the popular CHLOE ELLEFSON MYSTERY SERIES. These cozy mysteries feature an unlikely crime-solving duo, one a curator of Old World Wisconsin, the other a cop, who solve murders and more in their midwestern small town while romantic sparks fly between them. Audio rights sold to Ron Formica at Tantor Audio, for publication in Feb 2017, by Fiona Kenshole and Sarah Binns.

Deal News: So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum

rrosenblumPolish rights to Journey Prize finalist Rebecca Rosenblum’s debut SO MUCH LOVE, pitched as a cross between Olive Kitteridge and Room, about the unexpected reverberations the abduction of a young woman has on a small community, to PRÓSZYŃSKI by Agata Żabowska at Book/lab on behalf of Samantha Haywood of the Transatlantic Literary Agency.

Deals: They Left Us Everything by Plum Johnson

JohnsonPlum2013bwChinese rights to Plum Johnson’s THEY LEFT US EVERYTHING, chronicling the author’s undertaking to sort and empty her beloved childhood home after the death of her elderly parents, a task that triggers difficult memories and unearths new facts, ultimately allowing her to reconcile her relationship with her mother and come to a richer understanding of her family history, and herself, to Brandon Culture by Zoe Hsu at Andrew Nurnberg Associates International Ltd. on behalf of Samantha Haywood of the Transatlantic Agency. Previous rights sold to Putnam, US and Penguin Canada.

Deal News: I’m Thinking of Ending Things by Iain Reid

ReidIbw2015Korean rights to Iain Reid‘s I’M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS, to Arumdri Media Publishing Co by Mihai Taru at Book Cosmos on behalf of Samantha Haywood. Rights previously to Scout Press, Simon & Schuster US, Simon & Schuster Canada, Text for UK/ANZ rights, for simultaneous publication June 2016; Prometheus, The Netherlands; Rocco Brazil; Presses de la Cite, France; HaKursa, Israel; Lindhardt og Ringhof, Denmark; Droemer, Germany; Teas, Turkey; Prosznski, Poland; Droemer Knaur, Germany and WeLearn, Thailand.


Deal News: Don’t I Know You? by Marni Jackson

marnijacksonItalian rights to Marni Jackson’s linked stories DON’T I KNOW YOU?, exploring one woman’s life from 16 to 60, and what happens when certain celebrities – Neil Young, John Updike, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, Gwyneth Paltrow, Adam Driver – start turning up in her private life, at the spa, in the middle of a break-up, even on the operating table, to Bompiani by Erica Berla at Berla & Griffini on behalf of Samantha Haywood of the Transatlantic Agency.

Deal News – 36 Questions That Changed My Mind About You

Grant2016bw72We’ve been waiting with baited breath to officially announce this deal! World English rights of Vicki Grant’s YA novel, 36 QUESTIONS THAT CHANGED MY MIND ABOUT YOU have sold to Adrienne Szpyrka at Running Press. The deal was arranged by Fiona Kenshole and is due to publish in the fall of 2017.

36 QUESTIONS is the story of two teens with two heartbreaking secrets–and the 36 questions it takes to see if they can fall in love. Inspired by a “Modern Love” column in the New York Times, the novel is told in the language of modern romance, including texting, Q&A, and IM. Congratulations, Vicki!


felicienheadshot1cropped72Transatlantic is delighted to announce Canadian rights to GOLD METTLE, a memoir from World Champion, Olympian and media personality Perdita Felicien, has been sold to Bhavna Chauhan at Doubleday Canada in a deal arranged by Samantha Haywood for publication in Spring 2018.

In her debut book, Perdita will trace her family story, beginning with her mother’s remarkable flight from St. Lucia to Canada, and the tumultuous experiences of her childhood, including domestic abuse, and how it influenced Felicien’s rise to become one of the best hurdlers in the world.

“The opportunity to work with Perdita on her first book is a special one, and we are absolutely thrilled to be part of this project,” says Marion Garner, Vice President, Deputy Publisher, Penguin Random House Canada. “We’ve long followed Perdita’s public life as an athlete—we’ve cheered her on, and watched her rise as one of the top hurdlers in the world; now, we finally have the chance to get to know her personal story. GOLD METTLE will inspire and uplift, and resonate with so many Canadians.”

Perdita is an Olympian, 10-time National Champion, and the first Canadian woman to win a World Championship gold medal in track and field. During her career as a 100-metre hurdler she earned numerous honours, including Canada’s Athlete of the Year, Keys to the City of Pickering, and the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal. She retired from professional sport in 2013 and is now a broadcast journalist. She was part of CBC’s broadcast team at the 2016 summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and was inducted into Athletics Canada’s Hall of Fame. This winter she will receive her Certificate in Creative Writing in nonfiction at the University of Chicago’s Writer’s Studio.

GOLD METTLE will be the first time Perdita fully reveals the inspiring story of her life and career. She will also be available to share the key messaging of the book with live audiences as a newly announced addition to the Speakers’ Spotlight agency roster. Based in Toronto, Speakers’ Spotlight is one of the world’s largest and most respected speakers’ agencies.

Perdita’s Speakers’ Spotlight profile is available at