The Globe 100

The Globe 100 is out! Among the 100 best books of 2014 are Transatlantic’s THE SEARCH FOR HEINRICH SCHLOGEL (by Martha Baillie), SHOPLIFTER (Michael Cho), THE TROUBLE WITH BRUNCH (Shawn Micallef), WILL STARLING (Ian Weir) and THE FREEDOM IN AMERICAN SONGS (Kathleen Winter). Congratulations to all the authors on the list.

PAULA TODD and KATHLEEN WINTER Get Major Prize Nominations

The Transatlantic Agency is excited to congratulate Paula Todd (Extreme Mean: Trolls Bullies and Predators Online, Signal/M&S) and Kathleen Winter (Boundless: Tracing Land and Dream in a New Northwest Passage, House of Anansion their nominations for the 2014 Hilary Weston Writer’s Trust Prize for Nonfiction, the richest nonfiction award in Canada.

This award succeeds the Writers’ Trust Nonfiction Prize, which was established in 1997. Finalists receive $5,000 and the winner $60,000. The award will be presented on October 14th at a ceremony in Toronto. For further details, visit:

Extreme MeanPaula Todd’s EXTREME MEAN examines the growing trend of cyber-bullying and the psychological damage it brings to its victims. Paula Todd is a journalist, professor and lawyer who has previously written the best-selling A Quiet Courage: Inspiring Stories from All of Us and Finding Karla: How I Tracked Down an Elusive Serial Killer and Discovered a Mother of Three.  For more information, contact Samantha Haywood,

From the Weston Prize jury:

“Paula Todd’s Extreme Mean is an essential eye-opening investigation of internet use, misuse, and abuse. Detailing infamous case studies such as those of Amanda Todd and Rebecca Black, and examining numerous websites dedicated to the unleashing of hatred protected by anonymity and “virtual” reality, Todd connects disturbing dots, pointing to a shocking trend of cyber-violence that is as nefarious–if not more so–than violence in the “real world.” Investigative research with profound social, legal, and philosophical implications. Overwhelmingly persuasive. A book every parent–or anyone online–must read.”

Kathleen Winter’s BOUNDLESS follows the author’s physical and spiritual journey as she travels into the Northwest Passage on a ship, following the route of the legendary Franklin expedition. She is the author of the award-winning and internationally best-selling novel, Annabel, and has recently released a new collection of short stories, The Freedom in American Songs.  For more information, contact Shaun Bradley,

From the Weston Prize jury:

Boundless is a sensual, philosophical, myth-busting journey through the high Arctic on a search for a grounded meaning of the North West Passage. Its transcendent writing and superb weaving of action, interview, memoir, history, geology, flora, and fauna transmits Kathleen Winter’s personal, and profoundly universal, natural awareness.Boundless opens our minds and senses, and enriches our spiritual connection to ourselves through nature. This quirky, eloquent paean to the land blesses readers with its bounty.

CBC announces top 100 must-read Canadian novels

CBC announced their top 100 must-read novels written by Canadian authors. Transatlantic congratulates ANNABEL by Kathleen Winter, HOLDING STILL FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE by Zoe Whittall, THE BISHOP’S MAN by Linden MacIntyre, WHAT THE BODY REMEMBERS by Shauna Singh Baldwin and WHALE MUSIC by Paul Quarrington, and all novelists of CBC’s “100 Novels that make you proud to be Canadian.”

When making the selection, CBC Books considered aspects such as cultural impact, reader response and critical reception.

For the full list please visit the CBC website.


Deal News – Boundless

ANNABEL author Kathleen Winter’s BOUNDLESS: Mapping Geography and the Spirit in The Northwest Passage, written in alternating chapters, chronicling the literal and spiritual voyage of the author as she travels from Toronto to Greenland then sails across Baffin Bay and into the Northwest Passage, following the route of the doomed Franklin Expedition, German rights to btb (Random House) in Germany, on proposal, by Shaun Bradley.

World Rights Available Ex:
North America English, House of Anansi
UK (incl. A/Z), Jonathan Cape
German, btb, Random House

Deal News – Annabel

Korean rights for Kathleen Winter’s Award winning debut novel, ANNABEL, have been sold to Jaeum & Moeum by Shaun Bradley.

World Rights Available Ex:
Canada (English): House of Anansi; UK(incl. Aus/NZ): Jonathan Cape; US (English): Grove Atlantic; Brazil: Novo Fronteira; China (simplified rights): Beijing Green Beans Books Company; China (complex rights): Ten Points Publishing; France (ex. Quebec): Editions Christian Bourgois; Germany: btb (Random House); Hebrew: Matar Publishing House; Italy: Bompiani; Netherlands: The House of Books; Norway: Forlaget Oktober; Portugal: ASA Editores; Quebec: Editions Du Boreal; Romania: Polirom; Spain (including Basque edition): Erein Argitaletxea; Sweden: Kabusa; Audio, North America: Recorded Books; Korea, Jauem & Moeum.