Accolades for SHOPLIFTER by Michael Cho

Congrats to SHOPLIFTER by MicCho2014bwhael Cho which has received wonderful accolades this year including among others, A Boston Globe Best Book of 2014, a Globe and Mail Best 100 Books and appearing on the front page of the New York Times Weekend Arts section. The NYT holiday gift guide calls it “engrossing reading, with smart dialogue and lush images in black, white, and pink.” SHOPLIFTER by Michael Cho (Pantheon) follows Corrina Park, a twenty-something copywriter who escapes the ennui of her life through shoplifting. It debuted on the NYT Bestseller list for Graphic Novels in September 2014.

Michael Cho is represented by Samantha Haywood.

The Globe 100

The Globe 100 is out! Among the 100 best books of 2014 are Transatlantic’s THE SEARCH FOR HEINRICH SCHLOGEL (by Martha Baillie), SHOPLIFTER (Michael Cho), THE TROUBLE WITH BRUNCH (Shawn Micallef), WILL STARLING (Ian Weir) and THE FREEDOM IN AMERICAN SONGS (Kathleen Winter). Congratulations to all the authors on the list.

Deal News – Shoplifter

In the tradition of Ghost World by Daniel Clowes comes Michael Cho’s highly anticipated original graphic novel debut SHOPLIFTER, a riveting portrait of a frustrated young woman who shoplifts in the evening to ease the pains of her shallow day job.

World German rights to Ehapa/Egmont by Suzanne de Roche of the Liepman Agency in association with Samantha Haywood. World English, French and Spanish rights sold previously.

†World Rights Available Ex:
France: Outsider, Delcourt
Spain: Reservoir Books, Mondadori
World English: Pantheon