CBC announces top 100 must-read Canadian novels

CBC announced their top 100 must-read novels written by Canadian authors. Transatlantic congratulates ANNABEL by Kathleen Winter, HOLDING STILL FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE by Zoe Whittall, THE BISHOP’S MAN by Linden MacIntyre, WHAT THE BODY REMEMBERS by Shauna Singh Baldwin and WHALE MUSIC by Paul Quarrington, and all novelists of CBC’s “100 Novels that make you proud to be Canadian.”

When making the selection, CBC Books considered aspects such as cultural impact, reader response and critical reception.

For the full list please visit the CBC website.


Giller Prize Goes to Linden MacIntyre

Congratulations to Linden MacIntyre on winning the 16th Annual Scotiabank Giller Prize – the largest and most prestigious fiction award in Canada – for The Bishop’s Man (Random House), his riveting and poetic sophomore novel.

Said the Jury in its shortlist citation:
“The Bishop’s Man centres on a sensitive topic – the sexual abuses perpetrated by Catholic priests on the innocent children in their care. Father Duncan, the first person narrator, has been his bishop’s dutiful enforcer, employed to check the excesses of priests and, crucially, to suppress the evidence. But as events veer out of control, he is forced into painful self-knowledge as family, community and friendship are torn apart under the strain of suspicion, obsession and guilt. A brave novel, conceived and written with impressive delicacy and understanding.”

On accepting the award, Linden MacIntyre praised the four authors with whom he had shared the great honour of being nominated: Kim Echlin for The Disappeared; Annabel Lyon for The Golden Mean; Colin McAdam for Fall, Anne Michaels for The Winter Vault.

More information about the Scotiabank Giller Prize can be found
at www.scotiabankgillerprize.ca