Fiona Kenshole

representing children’s authors

Fiona is closed to submissions until July 2019. She accepts queries only through QueryManager so please do not submit to her general email. Unsolicited attachments will be deleted unread.To submit, please use the following link: QueryMe.Online/QueryFiona and follow the helpful instructions given. If you have attended a conference, please indicate which one in the subject line of your query. If you do not hear from Fiona within eight weeks, please assume she is not able to represent your project.

Her current wish list is quirky contemporary, humor, unreliable narrators, immigrant stories, stories by diverse writers, sister stories, real children in magical worlds, thrillers, mysteries and ghost stories. Fiona has a soft spot for a great detective story. Her dream is a submission so compelling she’d rather read it than engage with real life! She is not taking on rhyming picture books, poetry, screenplays or faith-based stories.

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