Transatlantic Agency represents adult and children’s authors of all genres, including illustrators.

Transatlantic agents work within their own defined areas of interest, but they jointly share a commitment to excellence in the craft of writing and professionalism in the business of publishing.

Transatlantic agents do not charge reading fees and its US agents are active members of the AAR.

Transatlantic agents do not handle stage plays, musicals or screenplays (except those related to the book-to-tv/film projects of their clients) and submissions in those fields will not be considered. Our preference is that you submit to one agent at a time, but if you plan to submit your material to more than one agent then we ask you to declare that overlap in your covering letter.

Listed below are the Transatlantic agents who are currently accepting submissions. Please review the individual mandates and guidelines carefully before making any enquiries.

Adult authors

Children’s authors and/or illustrators

Elizabeth Bennettrepresenting children’s authors

I am open for submissions by referral only.

I generally interested in fiction and non-fiction submissions with series and franchise potential, board books, novelties, graphic novels, middle grade, and YA fiction. I tend to be partial to books with humor; books that approach contemporary issues in a fresh, new way; books that are inspired by pop-culture and current trends. I’m very interested in finding young chapter books and early readers, especially illustrated projects. If you are submitting as an author-illustrator, you must include a link to your online portfolio and/or dummy as a sample of your work.

I’m currently closed for submissions. When I am open for submissions, use the following link:

In the meantime I will accept submissions by referral only. All other queries sent to my email will be deleted.

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Marilyn Bidermanrepresenting adult authors

Areas of Interest: Literary fiction; sweet-spot fiction, that is, accessible but literary in intent (often found at book clubs); literary crime fiction; and women’s commercial and historical fiction. I love memoir with an utterly unique story and brilliant writing; narrative non-fiction on compelling and newsworthy topics that anticipate trends; expert non-fiction of wide appeal from authors with established social media platforms; and biographies of fascinating lives. I don’t handle children’s books, except for young adult novels with cross-over appeal (very selectively, and only by referral); or poetry, screenplays, science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy for adult readers.

Kindly note that to serve my clients well, I can only accept new clients by referral. I will continue to seek out marginalized voices by engaging in community outreach.

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Sandra Bishoprepresenting adult authors

Sandra is currently interested in considering commercially viable non-fiction submissions on pop-culture, celebrity memoir, cooking, hobbies, travel, lifestyle, parenting, and relationships from authors with an established platform, online or media presence, or recognized expertise.

Sandra is not currently taking on new fiction authors, but she will consider representation of established romance authors seeking new representation. She will also consider complete manuscripts from writers she meets at conferences, or via referral from current clients or industry associates.

No children’s books, erotica, academic, or textbooks, please.

Submission guidelines:

If you believe you have something I’d like to consider, please send a query to If you do not hear from me within eight weeks, please assume I am not able to consider your project.

Twitter link:

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Shaun Bradleyrepresenting adult authors

Areas of Interest: Adult literary fiction and narrative non-fiction (primarily science and investigative journalism). I do not accept poetry, science fiction or fantasy, romances, cookbooks, self-help, education or scholarly works, travel guides, poetry, children’s literature or art books.

Guidelines: Accepting new clients by referral only. Submissions queries via email only, preferably with a reference from a published writer. Authors are asked to email a cover letter with an attachment of maximum 20-page writing sample/excerpt (Microsoft Word document), along with a story synopsis and CV. Please note if other agents are also considering the project (including other Transatlantic agents). Due to the volume of submissions received, replies will be sent only for submissions being actively considered.
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Marie Campbell

Marie Campbell has retired from the Transatlantic Agency, but will be able to receive email at through 2019.

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Andrea Cascardirepresenting children’s and adult authors

Andrea Cascardi is only open to submissions by professional referral or by participants in contests or conferences Andrea personally attends. For changes to submission policies, areas of interest, or future open query opportunities, please check her website

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Brenna English-Loebrepresenting children’s and adult authors

Brenna English-Loeb comes to TLA after working for several years at Janklow & Nesbit Associates and Writers House, where she had the pleasure of working with New York Times bestselling and award-winning authors across multiple genres. At TLA she’s excited to grow her list of speculative and suspenseful fiction in both YA and adult, as well as adult nonfiction, in collaboration with senior agents.

Raised on an eclectic blend of Jane Austen, Terry Pratchett and Ursula K Le Guin, Brenna has always gravitated to unique stories with a strong point of view. She is specifically looking for works of YA and adult science fiction, fantasy, and suspense, as well as some adult literary fiction. She loves space operas, myth and fairy tale retellings, survival stories, epistolary novels, and heists. She also has a soft spot for stories that blend multiple genres and for works by and about underrepresented groups and identities.

Aspects of a work that are sure to catch her eye include: evocative atmospheres, character-driven plots, a sense of adventure, and narratives that reveal a deep knowledge of a particular subject. She also loves old tropes made new again, unreliable narrators, and power imbalances.

For nonfiction, Brenna is looking for serious, groundbreaking sociological work that holds our culture up to the magnifying glass. She also loves accounts of historical events and people that deserve to be better known, as well as unusual and influential object histories.

Please send all submissions via Query Manager: http://QueryMe.Online/1496

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Carolyn Forde – representing adult authors

Carolyn is open for submissions and would love to see literary fiction (especially speculative and horror), commercial fiction, narrative non-fiction by experts in the field and is open minded to a broad range of topics and styles – as long as it engages her. There are a few things she’s not keen on – medical/disease related memoirs, military or CIA fiction, cozy mysteries, books about film and tv behind the scenes.

Please submit a query letter and the first 20 pages for consideration, within the body of your query – attachments will not be opened (double spaced and 12 pt font).

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Samantha Haywoodrepresenting adult authors

Samantha Haywood is only receiving submissions on referral for her author client list. And she is also co-representing select author clients with various Transatlantic agents such as Stephanie Sinclair, Jesse Finkelstein and Trena White.

Plurality of voices, stories and authors of all backgrounds are encouraged! Originality and diversity in my client list is the objective.

Fiction Mandates: Literary fiction and upmarket commercial fiction. Getting more specific, yes to: literary thrillers and upmarket mystery, historical fiction, smart contemporary fiction, upmarket women’s fiction and cross-over novels (but no young adult novels unless they have adult trade potential as well).

Non-fiction Mandates: Narrative non-fiction preferred, especially on culturally relevant topics. Some examples: investigative journalism, politics; women’s issues; memoirs (must be truly original or well-known subjects); environmental issues; historical narratives handled in refreshing ways; sexuality/gender, and true crime with societal implications. Essentially, I’m looking for a strong narrative drive and distinctive voice at all times.

Graphic Novels (fiction/non-fiction): Preferably full length graphic novels, although story collections will be considered. Memoirs, biographies, travel narratives and other nonfiction graphica also welcome.

Guidelines: Submissions queries via email only. Authors are encouraged to email a cover letter with an sample/excerpt of the book in question. Please submit a maximum of 20 pages. Do not submit as an attachment. Embed the sample/excerpt into the email after the cover letter. Graphic novel submissions may include an attachment. Please submit an author bio/publishing history and a synopsis. Please note if other agents are also considering the project.

Due to the volume of submissions received, replies will be sent on behalf of Samantha Haywood for only those submissions being actively considered.

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Fiona Kensholerepresenting children’s authors

Fiona is closed to submissions until July 2019. She accepts queries only through QueryManager so please do not submit to her general email. Unsolicited attachments will be deleted unread. To submit, please use the following link: QueryMe.Online/QueryFiona and follow the helpful instructions given. If you have attended a conference, please indicate which one in the subject line of your query. If you do not hear from Fiona within eight weeks, please assume she is not able to represent your project.

Her current wish list is quirky contemporary, humor, unreliable narrators, immigrant stories, stories by diverse writers, sister stories, real children in magical worlds, thrillers, mysteries and ghost stories. Fiona has a soft spot for a great detective story. Her dream is a submission so compelling she’d rather read it than engage with real life! She is not taking on rhyming picture books, poetry, screenplays or faith-based stories.

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Stephanie Sinclairrepresenting adult authors

Fiction Mandates: Literary fiction, upmarket women’s and commercial fiction. Will consider literary thriller and suspense, and YA crossover. No historical or romance fiction will be considered.

Nonfiction Mandates: Narrative nonfiction, memoir, investigative journalism and true crime.

Guidelines: Please send submissions by email only. Submissions should include a short biography, past publishing credits, and a 20-page writing sample in Word or PDF format. Replies will be sent only for submissions being actively considered.

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Amy Tompkinsrepresenting adult authors and children’s authors

Areas of interest: I am an omnivorous reader with eclectic tastes. On the children’s side, I am looking for middle-grade and young adult fiction and non-fiction, including fiction in all genres. I am not currently looking for picture book manuscripts. On the adult side, I am interested in non-fiction, and literary and commercial fiction in all genres except horror, science fiction, and fantasy.

Guidelines: Accepting new clients by referral only. Please send submissions by email only. Submissions should include a short biography, past publishing credits, and a 20-page writing sample in Word or PDF format.

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Timothy Travaglinirepresenting adult authors and children’s authors

Tim is looking for fiction and nonfiction for adults, as well as for young readers of all ages. Tim wants a book that makes him laugh out loud. He wants a book that makes him cry. He wants a book that makes him fall in love. He wants a book that breaks his heart.

He wants biographies or memoirs of people or groups that inspire: overcoming adversity, perseverance, hard work, compassion, empathy, giving back to the world. He wants nonfiction about topics that are amazing: but is also particularly interested in aviation, architecture, caves/tunnels/mines, cemeteries/memento mori, island cultures, outer space, politics, reading/writing/storytelling, all things Scandinavian/Nordic, and travel.

Tim has a fondness for science fiction and fantasy (SFF) in all forms, bibliomysteries, romantic comedies, literary romance, literary horror, middle grade boy books, picture books with monsters, graphic novels and comics, swashbuckling adventure, ghost stories, well-loved stories reimagined in new ways, exotic settings, parodies, anything over-the-top or weird or macabre, innovative books that break new ground, and anything to do with roller derby.

Tim is currently closed to submissions unless by referral or from attendees of his appearances at conferences or conventions. You can follow him on Twitter @DevilWrsBowTies.

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Léonicka Valciusrepresenting adult authors and children’s authors

Areas of interest:

As I build my client list, I will be co-agenting with senior literary agents at Transatlantic.

I am eager to work with people of color, including (but not limited to) trans people, disabled people, religious minorities, and queer folks.

Adult and Young Adult fiction: I like books I can read on a beach vacation — fun commercial fiction, romance that ranges from sweet to steamy, otherworldly fantasy, and sweeping historical fiction. For reference, my faves include Kevin Kwan, Alisha Rai, N.K. Jemisin, Philippa Gregory, Nicola Yoon, Marie Lu, and Elizabeth Wein. I do not represent literary fiction, mysteries or thrillers.

Middle Grade and younger: I love humour, adventure, and make believe. I also enjoy stories about children navigating their changing relationships with family and friends. I strongly prefer books with at least one human character. My faves include Jason Reynolds, Dan Santat, Dav Pilkey, and Christopher Paul Curtis. I do not represent picture books.

Non-fiction: At this time I am accepting non-fiction proposals by referral only.


Please submit your query using the online form. Include a query letter, bio, synopsis, and a 20 page excerpt. Emailed queries will not be read/

If you are comfortable, please include your social and cultural identities in your bio, especially if you self-identify as a person of color.

If I do not reply in eight weeks, please assume I am not able to represent your project.

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