DEAL NEWS: Charles Beyl’s picture book Little Lunch Truck

Liza Szabla at Feiwel and Friends has acquired world English rights to author-illustrator Charles Beyl’s picture book LITTLE LUNCH TRUCK. Publication is schedule for spring 2020. Charles is represented by agent Elizabeth Bennett.

LITTLE LUNCH TRUCK loves to bring Chef Nina’s food all around town, and he’s especially excited to visit the construction site with all the amazing construction trucks. But he’s also a little worried. Will the other trucks like him? This sweet, beautifully illustrated picture book hits all the notes for the 2-5 age group – it’s got humor, community, trucks, food, and even a recipe for sweet potato tots!

Welcoming Caia Hagel

Welcome to the Transatlantic Agency, Caia Hagel!
Caia is co-author of the groundbreaking Girl Positive (Knopf Canada), a Sophie Trudeau-endorsed book that uncovers how girls are shaping a new world and becoming the leaders of tomorrow, and co-founding editor-in-chief of the award-winning SOFA, a youth culture magazine & talk series that pioneers cross-sectional dialogue and innovations in using technology for heartwarming people-centric purposes. SOFA recently partnered with the Goethe Institut Sao Paulo to lead #GirlGames, the very first gathering of girl videogamers from across Latin America to produce games that reflect their authentic realities, an event that set a new bar in game storytelling and influence, and was documented by VICE.
Caia is also co-founding director of the Social Media Police Department a Click Activism forecasting agency that—using the notion that the social media age lives on a less than nourishing digital diet—spearheads higher standards for digital content & consumption, and new approaches for digital wellness. @smpd she designs Inner Beauty digital health products and packages, and consults with brands and influencers on identity, relationships and how to be worth following in 2024. Caia is a speaker on innovation, pop & youth culture, the internet and the future, and her presentation on Selfies at Forum D’Avignon Paris contributed to a Bill of Digital Human Rights.
Caia is represented by Senior Literary Agent Carolyn Forde.
“Tatiana Fraser and Caia Hagel’s Girl Positive couldn’t have come at a better time. With U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump injecting the most loathsome and retrograde attitudes into the popular discourse on what feels like an hourly basis, a book like this arrives as a corrective, indeed a righteous counter-blast. . . . The stars of this book are the girls and young women doing the talking, and it’s their voices—unguarded, touching, b.s.-free—that will stay with you.” —Montreal Gazette

“[A] diverse, in-depth take on modern girlhood and the importance of mentorship. . . . The book opens the girlhood franchise to all young women, breaking out of the white, middle-class status quo that dominates popular culture. Girl Positive . . . also serves as something of a contemporary handbook on how to encourage girls to develop a clear sense of autonomy and individuality.” —Flare

“[A] hopeful exploration of what it means to be a girl in 2016 and beyond.” —Toronto Star 

“Tatiana Fraser and Caia Hagel are out to change girl culture. . . . Girl Positive . . . spotlights real-life struggles, like the crushing pressure to meet beauty standards.” —Chatelaine

“You need to read this new Trudeau-approved book about mentoring girls. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau says this new book is a ‘call to action’ and it totally is. Consider it your handbook on how to encourage girls to be strong and independent.” —Today’s Parent

“This book is about the real, sometimes awkward, essential conversation that can be a life-altering opportunity if we as parents, youth, mentors, teachers and citizens take an honest look at ourselves. In 2016, here in Canada and abroad, women still can’t walk their journey through life with the same feeling of freedom as men. The objectification of the female body, the normalization of pornography, and rape language and culture is destroying the self-esteem of our girls and is an insult to the spirit of our boys.

This inequality takes a toll on the health of women’s and men’s psyches as well. The world is paying a high price for this imbalance on economic, social and spiritual grounds. The human soul has no gender; girls and boys, women and men must come together to build a more just and peaceful society. This is a call to action. Words matter. Actions speak louder. Let’s get moving.” —Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

“I was moved to tears first at the possibility of a world where girls can grow up individual, different, free, safe and proud. A world where a female president is not an aberration, a world where little girls can be little girls and dream out loud. A world where girls have a voice and can become women without guilt or fear to shape the lives that become them best. Fraser and Hagel make a strong case for such a world. But Girl Positive is all about the girls, their voices, their particular visions and stories. It’s in their words, all together, in one voice coming in loud and clear. It’s that voice that we can no longer ignore. It’s that voice that will win in the end and when it does, we will all win.” —Agathe Snow, artist and performer

“Timely. Generous. Accessible. Provocative. I hope every teacher, health-care professional, social worker, policy maker and parent will read.” —Michael Kaufman, co-founder of the White Ribbon Campaign (the largest effort in the world of men working to end violence against women) and author of The Possibility of Dreaming on a Night Without Stars

“Equal parts smart, sassy and savage, Girl Positive will inspire girls around the world.” —Sam Maggs, author of The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy

“As exciting and candid as a late-night dorm room discussion, Girl Positive knows the issues young women face today are similar to previous generations, but on a much more complex level—like a video game’s highest difficulty setting. Anyone reading this book, no matter how alone they might feel in real life, will become totally enveloped by the community of funny, smart and inspiring young people who populate it. Best of all, Girl Positive, which treats young women with respect for their intellect and choices that is all too rare these days, proves the kids are all right—and will be, as long as they can benefit from the celebration of strength, intelligence and positivity that Tatiana Fraser and Caia Hagel know is at the core of every teenage girl navigating the world today.” —Duana Taha, author of The Name Therapist and contributor on

“[T]he impact of Girl Positive is strong because the authors let the voices of the young women direct the analysis. Diverse role models perceptively articulate their feelings, interrogate cultural contradictions and embrace leadership opportunities. In aggregate, they render a rich portrait of the complicated cultural terrain they’re negotiating in an age of twerking. . . . A sensitive and intersectional inquiry into the complex lives of young women, Girl Positive paints a compelling picture of the authentic power girls have the capacity to wield when they are encouraged to find and use their own voices.” —Herizons

Welcoming Clifford Jackman

Transatlantic is thrilled to welcome Clifford Jackman to the agency!
Clifford Jackman is a Canadian lawyer and novelist. His first novel, The Winter Family, was longlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize and shortlisted for the Governor General’s Award for Fiction and was selected by Quill and Quire and The Globe and Mail of one of the best books of 2015 and was a Knopf Canada New Face of Fiction.  It was published in Canada (Knopf), US (Doubleday), Germany (Heyne) and in French (world French – Alto). He lives in Guelph, Ontario with his wife and two sons.
Clifford is represented by Senior Literary Agent Carolyn Forde.

“Calculating and poetic . . . holds you with a compelling brutality from which it is impossible to turn away.” –Craig Johnson, New York Times bestselling author of the Walt Longmire mysteries

“Capable of standing in [Cormac McCarthy’s] company, which is high praise indeed. The Winter Family is a philosophical spaghetti western that doesn’t stint on the tomato sauce, served up with flair.” —Quill & Quire (starred review)

“Sadistic but mesmerizing. . . . From the first rifle shot to the last burned body.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Stink and filth, corruption and depravity, lawlessness and unruliness. . . . [Augustus Winter is] as fascinating as any other complicatedly deadly thing.” —The Globe and Mail

“The adventures of a gleefully nihilistic group of outlaws. . . . Brutal, at times darkly funny, and utterly gripping from the first page to the last.” —Scott Smith, New York Times bestselling author of A Simple Plan and The Ruins

“A blood-soaked historical western covering over three decades of mayhem. . . . [A] vivid portrayal of men who choose violence and lawlessness as their way of life, and the justifications they create to rationalize their immoral behavior. This is a chilling tale.” —Publishers Weekly

“A wild ride into the conflict between freedom and civilization written in brains and blood. . . . This book is a round house punch of awesome. It came out of nowhere and tackled me into the dirt.” —Michael D. Griffiths,

“Enormously enjoyable.” —Literary Review of Canada

“Satisfyingly violent.” —The Toronto Star

“Bloodletting as philosophical exercise, and not for the faint of heart.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Brutal. Nihilistic. Extreme. Clifford Jackman’s debut, The Winter Family, lit my synapses up like a pinball machine. I joined golden-eyed Augustus Winter and his band of merry sociopaths on their journey through the dying West, civilization squeezing in from every angle—this is a raw, blood-splattered picaresque that I enjoyed immensely. Jackman throws nine kinds of hell at you in this book, unloading with both barrels, and never lets up the intensity.” —Craig Davidson, author of Cataract City


Douglas & McIntyre has acquired North American English rights to writer and musician Christa Couture’s debut nonfiction book, How to Lose Everything, with publication tentatively planned for Fall 2020.

How to Lose Everything is a memoir that connects sorrow, despair, reprieve, and hard-won hope, a frank revealing of the emotional and psychological experiences of motherhood, partnership, and change. Through her son’s heart transplant, his death, his brother’s single day of life, the amputation of her leg as a cure for bone cancer, abortion, divorce, and a move across the country to start over after it all, Christa Couture has come to know every corner of grief — its shifting blurry edges, its traps, its pulse of love at the centre, and its bittersweet truth that resilience is borne of suffering.

Over the years, Christa has been telling her stories in songs. Through four albums and touring Canada and Europe, she has sought further ways to create and connect; to be heard. The songs led to blog posts and story telling and essays and now to this book: finally, one place for the whole, true story. Prairie-raised, Christa spent 17 years in Vancouver and now calls Toronto home. She is also proudly Indigenous (mixed Cree and Scandinavian), queer, and a mom.

The deal was arranged by Stephanie Sinclair.

Welcome Tim Fontaine to Transatlantic

TLA is delighted to welcome Tim Fontaine to the agency.

Tim Fontaine is the Founder, Editor-in-Grand-Chief and Head Writer of the satirical Walking Eagle News which he started as a means of setting his illustrious journalism career on fire and dancing in its ashes. Before becoming a pretend reporter, Fontaine was a real journalist for almost two decades and worked for APTN National News, iChannel, CPAC and CBC Indigenous.A member of the Sagkeeng First Nation in Manitoba, he grew up mainly on the Hollow Water First Nation and in Winnipeg where he currently lives with his partner, investigative journalist Martha Troian. He has two sons.

Tim is represented by Senior Literary Agent Carolyn Forde.

Welcoming Mark Bowden and Tracey Thomson to Transatlantic

A huge Transatlantic welcome to Mark Bowden and Tracey Thomson!
Tracey Thomson is co-author of Globe and Mail Canadian Bestseller TRUTH & LIES What People Are Really Thinking. As co-founder and operator of ground breaking communication training organization TRUTHPLANE®, Tracey advises the world’s top companies and individuals on issues involving communication and body language. Her background in directing and training performers internationally in the psychology of movement, as well as her professional experience analyzing and supplying solutions to the dramas we find ourselves in, gives her unique insights into human behavior and what people are really thinking.
Mark Bowden is the founder of TRUTHPLANE®, his communication training company that offers a unique methodology for anyone who has to communicate with impact to an audience. A world-renowned body-language thought-leader, Mark uses his system of cutting-edge and effective nonverbal communication techniques to instantly help people become more confident, collaborative, and credible in their communication.
Voted the #1 Body Language Professional in the world, Mark Bowden is passionate about giving people the most influential and persuasive communication techniques to stand out, win trust, and gain credibility every time they speak. Mark’s memorable talks and training programs not only educate, but have proven life changing for audiences and clients, who include business leaders and teams from Fortune 500 companies, politicians, and prime ministers of G7 powers. His highly acclaimed TEDx talk and YouTube Channel have reached millions of people.
Mark’s publications are the bestselling books, Winning Body Language — a “how-to guide” to using body language to stand out, win trust, and gain credibility when speaking; Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals; and Tame the Primitive Brain: 28 Ways in 28 Days to Manage the Most Impulsive Behaviors At Work. His latest book, TRUTH & LIES: What People are Really Thinking is a Globe and Mail Canadian bestseller, described by FBI interrogator and counterintelligence agent Joe Navarro as, “a remarkable book…this year’s must-read on body language and human behavior.”
Mark and Tracey are represented by Senior Literary Agent Carolyn Forde.

Welcoming Trevor Cole

Welcome to Transatlantic Agency, Trevor Cole!
Trevor Cole’s four novels include Norman Bray in the Performance of His Life and The Fearsome Particles, both short-listed for the Governor General’s Literary Award and long-listed for the IMPAC (International Dublin Literary Award). His third novel, Practical Jean, published in Canada, the United States, Germany and France, was short-listed for the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize and won the Leacock Medal for Humour. Trevor’s latest book, published by HarperCollins Canada, is The Whisky King, a nonfiction historical narrative, nominated for the Speakers Book Award and the Heritage Toronto Award and winner of the 2018 Arthur Ellis Award for Canada’s best nonfiction crime book. Trevor lives with his partner and puppy in Toronto.
Trevor is represented by Senior Literary Agent Carolyn Forde.

Deal News: Kevin Donovan’s THE BILLIONAIRE MURDERS

Chief Investigative Reporter at the Toronto Star and multiple award-winning journalist and bestselling author, Kevin Donovan’s true-crime narrative, THE BILLIONAIRE MURDERS: The Mysterious Deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman, investigating the violent deaths of the founder of one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and his wife — their net worth has been estimated at $4.7 billion — which rocked the intersecting worlds of business, politics, and philanthropy. World rights sold to Diane Turbide at Penguin Random House Canada for October 2019 in a deal by Samantha Haywood and Jesse Finkelstein. Film television available, contact


Bank Street College of Education’s annual list of the “best of the best” children’s books published in the previous year has arrived and we’re congratulating six Transatlantic clients for making the 2019 edition!

In the Under Five category
THE BAGEL KING by Andrew Larsen (Kids Can Press)
WOODROW AT SEA written and illustrated by Wallace Edwards (Pajama Press)

In the Five to Nine category
THE DAY DAD JOINED MY SOCCER TEAM by Maureen Fergus (Kids Can Press)

In the Nine to Twelve category
STEEL DRUMS (Made by Hand series) by Patricia Lakin (Aladdin/Simon & Schuster)
*EBB & FLOW by Heather Smith (Kids Can Press), starred for “Outstanding Merit”

In the Fourteen and Older category
ALL THE STARS DENIED by Guadalupe García McCall (Tu Books/Lee & Low Books), highlighted for diversity

For more information and the full list of titles, please visit

KATHLEEN ERNST WINS 2019 MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, bestselling author honored by Council for Wisconsin Writers

Kathleen Ernst has won the 2019 Major Achievement Award from the Council for Wisconsin Writers. The award honors the work of a Wisconsin writer who deserves special recognition for his/her literary merit. Past winners include Jerry Apps, Norbert Blei, Jane Hamilton, Kevin Henkes, and John Nichols.

“I write at the intersection of people, places, and the past, and am passionate about my work,” Ernst said. “I am immensely grateful to the Council for Wisconsin Writers for this special recognition.”

In previous years the Council has individually honored two of Ernst‘s Wisconsin-based Chloe Ellefson adult mystery novels, The Heirloom Murders and Mining For Justice (Midnight Ink), and five of her children’s books: Meet Caroline (American Girl), Hearts of Stone (Dutton), Betrayal at Cross Creek (Pleasant Company), and Retreat From Gettysburg and Ghosts of Vicksburg (White Mane).

The Council’s award comes on the heels of Ernst receiving the Sterling North Legacy Award for Excellence in Children’s Literature and being named a Notable Author by the Wisconsin Library Association.

About Kathleen Ernst
Kathleen Ernst writes mysteries, historical fiction, and non-fiction books for adults and young readers. To date, readers and libraries have purchased over 1.75 million audio, ebook, and printed copies of her thirty-seven published books. The tenth Chloe Ellefson mystery, Fiddling With Fate, comes out in September.

About the Council for Wisconsin Writers
The Council for Wisconsin Writers is a unique community of writers, readers, educators, and literary people, both amateur and professional, throughout the state. For over 50 years, their mission has been to recognize and celebrate Wisconsin writers and to promote awareness of our state’s great literary heritage.