Atz Kilcher

Atz Kilcher grew up the eldest son of Yule and Ruth Kilcher, who emigrated Switzerland in the late 1930’s and settled in the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska, joining some of Homer’s earliest pioneer homesteaders.

When Atz wasn’t working alongside his father clearing trees with an axe, building log cabins with a hand saw, and learning how to manage horses and cattle, he was inside the cabin helping his mother keep the wood cooking stove fueled, the kerosene lamps lit, and the home school studies going around the kitchen table. When he and his pioneer siblings weren’t working, they entertained themselves with songs, stories, plays, poetry, and arts & crafts – all of which fueled Atz’s life-long love for reading, writing, creating art, and performing music.

Today, Atz performs music around the country, occasionally alongside his singer-songwriter daughter, Jewel. When he’s not singing or writing, he spends his time cross-country skiing with his wife Bonnie; supporting the endeavors of his three grown sons; weaving root baskets; riding herd at the head of Kachemak Bay; hunting; yodeling; and appearing regularly on Discovery Channel’s popular show, ALASKA: The Last Frontier.

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Photo credit: Scott Dickerson