Angus Reid

Angus Reid began playing professional football with the BC Lions in 2001, and in 2003 he became their starting center. A Richmond native, Reid is a home-grown star. His achievements in football include being an All Canadian, a multiple time conference All Star, lineman of the year nominee, lineman of the week winner, a “Friday Night Gladiator”, an eight-time team captain, and a two-time Grey Cup Champion.

Reid’s road to pro football was no straight shot, he did not start football until the 11th grade, and then missed three of his five college years due to illness. He is a model of determination and will. Because of this, Reid frequently speaks with students, teams, and business professionals about the importance pursuing our dreams, and the hard work and effort that is required to beat all the obstacles along the way. To date, he has presented at over 1,000 engagements.

He is currently at work on a motivational book to support young people facing adversity.