Claire Neaton

Claire Neaton spent her childhood on a remote homestead in the Aleutian Islands – when she wasn’t out to sea on her family’s commercial fishing boat. Claire and her sister Emma Teal have been fishermen since they were old enough to work on boats, and are now co-owners of a thriving retail business, Salmon Sisters, which is a celebration of the wild places and wild people of the North Pacific and its sustainable fisheries.

They have been featured in Vogue, Outside Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Alaska Airline’s inflight magazine Beyond, Roade’s Organic Life, Men’s Journal, on PBS News’ Good Morning America, in a video series produced by Maersk Line, and in the near future, on Chris Kimball’s new Milk Street podcast. Their merchandise and fishing business are regularly featured in fishing industry news (National Fishermen, Pacific Fishing magazines), and on local Alaskan radio. They receive several requests per week from television series producers interested in their work as female fishermen, which they have so far managed to evade. They work with a communications firm (Rising Tide Communications) whose expertise has helped them make many connections in fish-marketing, restaurant, retail, and food industries.