Diana Tamblyn

Diana Tamblyn is an Ignatz-nominated cartoonist who has been actively writing and drawing mini-comics for over 10 years now. Her artwork has appeared in two solo art shows, and various group shows. She’s exhibited her comics at small press fairs and comic book shows in both Canada and the US.

Her most recent work is “The Rosie Stories” a comic about motherhood and “The Toca Loca Project”, commissioned by spectral music band “Toca Loca”. In 2005, she was chosen by The Globe and Mail as a Canadian cartoonist to watch.

Currently living in London, Ont, she works as a freelance web project manager. She graduated from Concordia University in 1994 with a BFA in Film Animation.

Graphic Novels

The Toca Loca Project

“Tamblyn has been creating quiet, thoughtful stories for a few years now.”
– Rob Clough, Sequart “A short punk rock comic.”
– cartoonist Michael Cho
The Rosie Stories

“A book with hidden depths and interesting use of the medium of comics.”

– Sean Clement, Diverging Comics

“This comic feels so personal and so right with the world”
– Shawn Hoke, Size Matters: The Mini-Comics Blog

Duty Must Be Done Mini-comic

5 out of 5 – “a revelation: Tamblyn’s comics reportage in Duty is as strong as that of Harvey Pekar or David Collier”
– Alan David Doane, Comic Book Galaxy
“This was a book that deserved to be bought and read.”
– Sean Clement, DivergingComics.com
“Duty Must be Done is an inspirational presentation of a well-known Canadian story.”
– Bob Banting, great nephew of Sir Frederick Banting
Writer’s Block Mini-comic

Best Mini-Comic of the Year
– ComicReaders.com

“A short, literate story from Canada.”
– Marc Campos, Poopsheet

That Thing You Fall Into Mini-comic

One of Eye Magazine’s top mini-comics picks of 2003
“That Thing was nominated for an Ignatz award as Outstanding Mini comic this year, and the justification for why she didn’t win is debatable…”

“She has a pleasing grace, and renders melancholy deftly.”
– Eye Magazine

Ignatz Award nominee for best mini-comic of 2003

Gunslingers Mini-comic

“Diana Tamblyn has put out Gunslingers, another great mini that’s more than a mini. Diana really knows how to wedge more story and storytelling into a mini than most people get into a regular full comic, without ever seeming rushed or fast-paced. Diana is a huge talent that deserves to break out big-time; get this so you can say you were into her work way-back-when.”
– cartoonist Sarah Dyer

Selected Praise

“Everyone loves Diana’s mini’s for their subtlety, their realistic portrayal of modern lives and their ability to hit a personal chord that resonates with the reader.”
– Jonathan Ellis, Popimage “I like the look and feel of the mini-comics I’ve seen from cartoonist Diana Tamblyn. There’s something attractively forthright about them: a simple, clean presentation that flatters the stories within.”
– Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter
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