Geoff Dembicki

Geoff Dembicki is a 28-year-old journalist based in Vancouver, BC, and a staff reporter for The Tyee, where he writes on energy, climate, and sustainability. His recent series Are We Screwed?—on the cultural, economic, political, and technological impacts of our shift to a less screwed 21st-century society—has been featured in Foreign Policy, Vice, Salon, Toronto Star,, and Walrus magazine. His reporting has taken him to emerging 21st-century power centres like San Francisco, New York, Boston, Fort McMurray, South Dakota, Beijing, Calgary, Hawaii, and Washington, D.C. He was awarded a 2012–2013 media fellowship from the Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada and has spoken about his work at the Literary Review of Canada’s 2014 Spur Festival, on CKNW’s Bill Good Show, and addressed a 2014 graduation ceremony at the esteemed Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions. Dembicki is currently developing his series Are We Screwed? into a book, with support from a grant from the New York-based Solutions Journalism Network.

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