Jared Young

Jared Young’s writing has appeared in various magazines, literary journals, and newspapers around the world, and has been anthologized by McSweeney’s. His first novel, Into the Current, captures the zeitgeist of twenty-somethings searching for themselves through the lens of overseas experience. When a plane flying between Bangkok and Tokyo explodes mid-flight, ex-pat Daniel Solomon is hurled into the sky. He awakens to find himself floating in the atmosphere, where time, it seems, has stopped. From this vantage point, and through interwoven memories, Daniel retraces the series of events that led him to board the doomed flight. In his suspended state, Daniel is able to re-experience his entire life (and who hasn’t had that fantasy?), from the childhood events that still haunt him to the imagined future of his unborn daughter. Jared lives in Ottawa, where he is working on a screenplay and his next novel.


Twitter at: @JaredAYoung


Into the Current
Goose Lane Editions, 2016