Jennifer Farquhar

Originally from Manitoulin Island, Jennifer Farquhar has lived in France, Japan, and Montreal, and currently resides in southwestern Ontario. She is an elementary school teacher and mother of two young children. Her short fiction has won awards in the Manitoulin Expositor and the Toronto Star. WATERMARK is her debut novel and will be on offer in North America in September 2016, pitch follows: The Gathering meets The Cure for Death by Lightning. Opening on an island in Lake Huron in the mid-1970s, WATERMARK tells the story of Mina McInnis, a responsible girl whose affections are torn between her younger brother David and the fiery Rhonda Doyle, a summer resident whose family owns a private island across the bay. In a moment of weakness and inattention, Mina makes a mistake with tragic consequences. Soon, rumors are circulating among the local Ojibway about an ancient evil in the Great Lake, forcing Mina to flee in fear to Chicago. Twenty-five years later, Mina returns with her son to the island where her family disintegrated, determined to uncover the truth about the Doyles and the tragedy from her past, and the creature that dwells in the cold, dark waters of Lake Huron. WATERMARK is upmarket nostalgia horror that combines a chilling ghost story with a seventies summer cottage vibe, and examines how one bad choice reverberates across multiple generations. Contact: