Julie Zwillich

Alphabetically speaking, Julie Zwillich is last on every list. She’s resigned to flesh out the tail end of the children’s section in libraries everywhere.

A creator of kids’ television for many years, Julie’s written for, and starred in, productions such as Surprise! It’s Edible Incredible! (CBC), Little Big Kid and System Crash (YTV) and TVOKidsThe Underground and STUFF (TVO). Her debut book, They Told Phoebe to Sound it Out, is slated to be published by OwlKids Books in early 2017. More Phoebe books are set to follow.

Aside from writing books, Julie works as a television host, spends lots of time at the karate dojo and swims laps while laughing at comedy on her waterproof radio. She lives with her husband and twins in Los Angeles.

More information can be found on Julie’s website http://www.zwillich.com and by following her on twitter (@juliezwillich) and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/julie.zwillich