Karen van Kampen

Toronto journalist Karen van Kampen is the former managing editor of National Post Business magazine. In 2003, she was nominated for a National Magazine Award. Her writing has appeared in many Canadian publications including The Globe and Mail, the National Post, Flare magazine and Reader’s Digest. Her poetry and prose has appeared in many literary journals, including Crash, the Free Verse Anthology, the Carleton Arts Review and Hostbox.

She has an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree (English) from the University of Guelph, a graduate journalism degree from Ryerson University, and a diploma from the Humber School for Writers. During her script writing and fiction studies at the University of Edinburgh, she wrote a play that was shortlisted for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and featured in FebFest, for which she returned to Scotland to cast and direct.

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The Big Sleep Our Illusive World of Dreams

To what extent do we control our dreams, and do our dreams control us?


The Golden Cell Gene Therapy, Stem Cells, and the Quest for the Quest for the Next Medical Breakthrough

(HarperCollins, 2005)

“Van Kampen has produced a book that is not only an excellent primer on the fascinating science behind such topics but is also a compelling study of the personalities and debates that have made them such a political hot potatoes”
Quill & Quire “…The Golden Cell is a fast-paced tour of the supercharged world of biomedical research. Van Kampen translates complex biology into readable prose, and the back story that does not often make the headlines.”
Winnipeg Free Press If gee-whiz science and fun narrative was all there was to this book, it would be a superb example of writing for a general scientific audience. However, van Kampen understands that there are political, financial and ethical implications to each of the breakthroughs that she writes about. It is when she begins writing about these issues that The Golden Cell becomes truly extraordinary.
Edmonton Journal “Although van Kampen writes about dauntingly complex subject matters – gene therapy, stem cells and the quest for the next great medical breakthrough –The Golden Cell is a highly readable and accessible book that puts a human face on the issues.”
Calgary Herald