Marni Jackson

Marni Jackson is one of Canada’s most respected non-fiction writers. In addition to having been a weekly columnist for the Book Section of the Globe & Mail, and co-host of the TVO book show Imprint, she has written about hidden or off-the-map cultures – everything from the world of big game fishermen to the myths surrounding family life and motherhood. She has worked in the film and theatre community, collaborating on the stage show “Half Human, Half Heartache” with The Clichettes in a production that toured across Canada. Her feature writing has appeared in Rolling Stone, Travel & Leisure, and every major Canadian magazine.

She has won numerous National Magazine Awards for columns, humor and travel, and her Canadian bestseller “The Mother Zone” has been re-issued in Spring 2002 by Vintage Books. Her recent book, “Pain: The Fifth Vital Sign” turns the science and culture of why we hurt into an insightful personal narrative. Marni lives in Toronto.

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Home Free The Myth of the Empty Nest
World Rights Available Ex:
Canada (English): Thomas Allen
Germany: Beltz
  Pain The Fifth Vital Sign (Random House, 2002, US: Crown)
  The Mother Zone (Macfarlane Walter & Ross, 1992, US: Henry Holt, Re-issued by Vintage, Canada, 2002)

Agent: Samantha Haywood