Mary Kellough

Mary Kellough is a seasoned marketing and advertising executive, entrepreneur, team builder, and creative facilitator. Her belief that content is king has positioned her to lead brands across several sectors in developing and executing strategies that put content and digital media centre stage.

Kellough has a BA in English Literature, a certificate in publication design, and hands-on knowledge of the book publishing world, having assisted in her family’s business, Namaste Publishing, for several years.

Now in a phase of making the things she imagines, “Salt, Fresh & Field” has become an outlet for head, heart, and hands. The project brings together all of her favourite things: amazing people, beautiful places, a little risk, a lot of love, and, of course, food.

Kellough lives seaside in Vancouver, BC with her husband and two sons, Ethan and Emett.

She is currently at work on a companion book to the “Salt, Fresh & Field” series with her business partner, Chad Brealey.