Michael Betcherman

Michael Betcherman has numerous credits in both documentary and dramatic television. His screenplay won the Gold Award as Best Thriller at the Houston International Film Festival. He is also the writer/creator of two highly-acclaimed online novels written in email form and delivered to readers email by email, as the story unfolds over the course of a few weeks. He has contributed to numerous publications including The Walrus, Red Herring, and The Literary Review of Canada. In prior incarnations he was an entertainment lawyer and a professional basketball player. He lives in Toronto with his wife and daughter.


Face-Off (Razorbill, 2014)
Seventeen-year-old Alex Petrovic is thrilled to be playing goal for his Canadian team in an international hockey tournament. After a game against an Eastern European team, he shakes hands with the opposing goalie, Stefan Divac, and finds himself staring at a lookalike. At first he dismisses it as a coincidence. Then his mother sees Stefan, and the truth comes out: he is Alex’s identical twin. The encounter uncovers dark family secrets and draws Alex’s attention away from hockey and on to his home country’s tragic history. And just as Alex and Stefan learn to be brothers off the ice, their rivalry deepens on the ice. Will the twins be torn apart again?


BreakawayFinalist for the 2012 John Spray Mystery Award