Nikki Tate

Nikki Tate is an award-winning children’s writer and storyteller based in British Columbia. She is a bestselling series author, whose work has garnered many award nominations.

Tate served as the editor of Bolen Bookworm: Children’s Book Newsletter from 2003 to 2007, and has extensive experience working as a freelance writer. She has written on subjects ranging from tattoos to compost, and her articles and reviews have appeared in publications in Canada, Japan, and the US. In addition, Tate is a dynamic public speaker and inspirational workshop leader, and is actively involved in school programs for children, which include author presentations, storytelling performances, and workshops for young writers.

When she’s not writing or performing, Tate enjoys pottering in her garden or horseback riding through the picturesque countryside of the Saanich Peninsula.


Food Around the World (Orca)
Inside OutHow a Museum Works(Royal BC Museum)
Canada’s RCMP Musical Ride (Sono Nis Press)


Fallout Tara, burdened wondering if she could have prevented her sister’s death in a car accident, finds creative expression in slam poetry.
(Orca, 2011)
Venom Much to his mother’s chagrin, sixteen-year-old Spencer cares for horses at a racetrack though his father was killed by one.
(Orca Sports, 2009)

Series Fiction

Estorian Chronicles A fantasy series about a tribe of nomadic storytellers
Vol. 2: The Battle for Carnillo (Sono Nis Press, 2003) Nominee, BC Chocolate Lily Award, 2003-2004
Vol. 1: The Cave of Departure (Sono Nis Press, 2001) Nominee, BC Chocolate Lily Award, 2002-2003
Nominee, Manitoba Young Readers Choice Award
Pony Express series Historical fiction about the Pony Express for younger readers.
Vol. 2: Jo’s Journey (Orca, 2006)
Vol. 1: Jo’s Triumph at Ruby Lake (Orca, 2002) Nominee, Ontario Silver Birch Award, 2002-2003
Nominee, Willa Award, Women Writing the West, 2002-2003
Nominee, Spur Award, Western Writers of America, 2002
StableMates series For the middle-grade horse lover
Vol. 7: Keeping Secrets at Dark Creek (Sono Nis Press, 2002)
Vol. 6: Return to Skoki Lake (Sono Nis Press, 1999) The Year’s Best 2000 List, Resource Links
Vol. 5: Raven’s Revenge (Sono Nis Press, 1999)
Vol. 4: Sienna’s Rescue (Sono Nis Press, 1998)
Vol. 3: Jessa Be Nimble, Rebel Be Quick (Sono Nis Press, 1998)
Vol. 2: Team Trouble at Dark Creek (Sono Nis Press, 1997)
Vol. 1: Rebel of Dark Creek (Sono Nis Press, 1997)
Tarragon Island series Features a young writer living on a fictitious Gulf Island
Vol. 3: Trouble on Tarragon Island (Sono Nis Press 1999, 2005) Nominee, Chocolate Lily Award, 2007
Nominee, Diamond Willow, 2007
Nominee, Red Cedar Award, 2007
Vol. 2: No Cafes in Narnia (Sono Nis Press 2000) Nominee, BC Chocolate Lily Award, 2002-2003
Honour Book, Sheila Egoff Children’s Literature Award, 2001
Nominee, Manitoba Young Readers Choice Award, 2001
The Year’s Best 2000 List, Resource Links
Vol. 1: Tarragon Island Nominee, Sheila Egoff Children’s Prize
BC Book Award, 2000

Picture Books

Grandparent’s Dayillustrated by Benoît Laverdière(Anick Press, 2004) The Year’s Best List, Resource Links
Honour Book, World Storytelling Award
Nominee, Chocolate Lily Award


Down to Earth: How Kids Help Feed the World Orca 2013 Double Take Karen Brain’s Olympic Journey
(Sono Nis Press, 2007) Resource Links Year’s Best 2008
Family Museum Guide/Text (Royal BC Museum, 2006) The American Life (Tahaus Publishing, Tokyo, 1990)
(Sono Nis Press, 1999)


The Canadian Writer’s Guide (Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2002)
Contribution: Writing Series Fiction for Young Readers
The New Orphic Review (Fall, 1999)
Contribution: Pink Delight
America Today (Mini-World Books, 1996)
Contribution: Article on the formation of Nunavut

Series Non-Fiction

Behind the Scenes series
Racehorse An examination of horse racing from a history of the breeds developed for the sport, through training and caring for horses at the track, to the day of the race and beyond.
(Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2008)”Lots of potential to inspire critical thinking among young scientists and animal lovers.”
– The Toronto Star”Tate, an experienced horsewoman and novelist, has written a fine introduction to the racehorse, the sport of horse racing, and the many people involved in the sport. . . Almost every page includes one or more colour photographs that aptly illustrate the text.
Highly Recommended.”
– CM Magazine

“A very thorough and very readable investigation of racehorses and horse racing.”
– The Globe and Mail

“An attractive and informative book. . . Young people intrigued by horse racing, and especially those who have visited a racetrack, will find this a detailed, colorful account of what goes on behind the scenes.”
– Booklist

Columns and Articles

Selected periodicals in which Nikki Tate’s articles have appeared: Discovery Magazine, Canadian Book Review Annual, Cross Section Magazine (Tokyo), Vancouver Sun, Kite Tales (Los Angeles), Off the Wall, Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, B.C. Woman to Woman Magazine.


M Award Favourite Children’s Author, 2007, 2002
Monday Magazine Awards Favourite Kids’ Author, 2002