Ra McGuire

Ra McGuire is best known as the singer and songwriter for the Canadian group, Trooper. He has written or co-written a dozen hit songs, recorded and released 11 albums, and been described, by Canadian television personality and author, Rick Mercer, as Canada’s “poet laureate of Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

Trooper has been awarded 5 gold and 11 platinum plaques comprising millions of sales in Canada, and received a Juno Award for Band of the Year. The Globe and Mail dubbed them “honest-to-God Canadian rock legends,” the Vancouver Sun called them “Canadian rock heroes of the first order … the best performing band in Canada,” and Joel Rubinoff of The Record wrote: “What becomes more apparent with each passing year, is that this frolicking, rollicking showcase for McGuire’s soaring pop melodies and whimsical wordplay is arguably one of the biggest Canadian bands of all time.” Trooper continues to perform sold-out shows across Canada.

McGuire is the author of two books. The non-fiction Here For a Good Time, On the Road with Trooper, Canada’s Legendary Rock Band (Insomniac Press), was described by Jim Barber of Music Life Magazine as “a witty, sometimes sad, but always honest appraisal of not only what is going on in McGuire’s life, but in his head, his heart and his spirit.” William McGuirk of Durham News called it “… a brilliant read with the necessary elements of a good story intact.” His latest book, Buddy Fucking Forever, is a hard-rock murder mystery that interweaves themes of fame, power, love and the shifting boundaries of freedom. He is currently working on the second book in that series.

McGuire is the recipient of SOCAN’s National Achievement Award for “outstanding success, predominantly in the Canadian music industry” and the West Coast Juno Award for “Best Male Vocalist”. Ra and his wife, Debbie, who live in White Rock, BC, spearheaded a three-year campaign that resulted in Surrey BC’s first Fine Arts School, and have received the World Harmony Run’s Torchbearer Award for their “collaborative commitment to inspire cultural harmony and community spirit through music, and championing the importance of fine arts in education.” The Ra and Deborah McGuire Collection is installed at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa, and a collection of both Ra McGuire and Trooper archival material is housed at the Gatineau Preservation Centre as part of Library and Archives Canada’s permanent collection.







Here For a Good Time, On the Road with Trooper, Canada’s Legendary Rock Band (Insomniac Press)

When Canada won its second straight gold medal at the World Junior Hockey Championships, the song booming from the rink’s speakers was Trooper’s “Raise A Little Hell.” At hockey games and summer festivals, on Molson and Tim Hortons commercials, whether it’s Canada Day in Newfoundland or Klondike Days in Alberta, when Canadians celebrate it’s often to the music of Trooper. More than 30 years after their first hit, Trooper remains one of the country’s most enduring and popular rock bands.

In his book Here for a Good Time, Trooper’s singer-songwriter Ra McGuire chronicles life on the road with honesty and humor. The book is a backstage pass to the world of Trooper, traveling back and forth across Canada, performing 100 shows a year in as many towns and cities. Days go by without sleep; limos, vans, and planes blur together (and one blows up); the long-distance bills soar—but at the end of every travel day, the party begins when Trooper arrives in town.

Partying with fans, friends, and other Canadian rock legends, dealing with groupies, journalists, and concert promoters, or just hanging out in hotel rooms watching movies on his laptop and missing his wife and son, Ra McGuire shares a candid look at the joys and challenges of being a fifty-something rock star on tour from Tofino to Torbay.

“Canada’s soundtrack is not complete without Trooper. My Canada includes Ra McGuire as the poet laureate of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Raise a little hell indeed”. -Rick Mercer

Buddy F*cking Forever
Saints, Drugs and Rock and Roll

Buddy F*cking Forever is a hard-rock murder mystery, written by a Canadian rock legend, that interweaves themes of fame, power, love and the shifting boundaries of freedom.

In 1981, Canada’s most beloved band goes dark when two of its members disappear. In 2008, a bludgeoned body and cryptic words written in blood compel a troubled recluse to leave his Airstream hideout to begin an epic search for the truth.

Buddy F*cking Forever is a page-turning, unconventional mystery that follows a passionate crew of misfits on an unauthorized and probably misguided murder investigation that careens from the anonymity of a riverside Vancouver lumberyard, to the halls of power in the nation’s capital of Ottawa.

In Canada, fame is low-key but deep. For some, it’s the dark road to temptation, for others, a probing spotlight that sears as much as it illuminates. Buddy Forever risks everything when he steps back into that light, hoping to find justice, and peace.