Richard Moxley

After seven years working as a high volume mortgage broker, Richard Moxley decided he’d had enough of watching the Average Joe being forced to pay thousands of dollars in excess rates and fees—all because no one had taught them the rules of credit. Determined to create a tool that could prevent this situation, Moxley spent years studying credit reports and working directly with Canadian banks in order to write his book, The Nine Rules of Credit: How to Start, Rebuild, and Always Maintain Great Credit. Due to demand, Moxley started a company called “eCredit Fix” in 2012, which allows him to focus full-time on his passion: helping Canadians fix, understand, and improve their credit. His website,, is designed to empower Canadians to easily improve their credit in affordable ways. Moxley is married, has four children, and lives in Calgary, AB.

He is currently working on a series of personal finance books for Canadians