Ron Frey

FreyRbw Ron Frey is the co-founder with Cindy Stulberg of the original institute dedicated exclusively to interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT)—the first of its kind around the world. Since 2001, they have trained more than 2,250 clinicians in this simple and powerful therapeutic model. 
Ron completed his PhD in psychology in 1997 and four years later established an Ottawa-based consulting business that today includes such notable clients as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (where he held the position of chief psychologist), the Canadian Police College, Canadian Coast Guard, Canada Border Services, Public Safety Canada, the Department of National Defense, Transportation Safety Board of Canada, multiple police agencies and safety critical companies. His work has taken him into correctional facilities, cockpits, and onto the rail lines of Europe. He has ridden ‘shot-gun’ on snowmobiles and cruisers high above the Arctic Circle, and parachuted into courtroom battlefields of dangerous offenders and volatile marriages. Ron was recently recognized for his efforts in the prevention, assessment, and treatment of occupationally related stress injuries by the Senate of Canada.