Samantha Turnbull

TurnbullS300bwSamantha Turnbull is the creator of the popular vegan blog It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken where she shares her recipes, quirky thoughts, made up words, and super fun tidbits.
Coming from a family of chefs, foodies, butchers, and hunters, she never, ever thought she would become vegan, but after learning about animal cruelty, the environment, and the health impacts, she felt she had no other choice. The big surprise? She absolutely loved it! Excited about her new vegan lifestyle, she became determined to prove to her family and to the world that vegan food isn’t as weird as it sounds, it’s just food! Sam began attacking her kitchen and soon found that with limitation came inspiration. Not only were her recipes totally scrumptious, they were satisfying, hearty, full of flavour, and just as easy to make as any other meal. Through sharing her recipes and stories on she has connected with vegans and people who are just interested in eating more veggies from all over the world. Using her blog as inspiration she is at work on her first cook book, IT DOESN’T TASTE LIKE CHICKEN, FUSS FREE VEGAN FAVORITES focusing on everyday vegan comfort food made easy with step by step photographs, fun stories, and tasty recipes for everyone to enjoy, vegan or not.

Agent: Samantha Haywood