Stephens Gerard Malone

A scribbler from an early age, Ontario-born Malone is an airforce brat of German/Scottish/French Canadian descent. It was a chance encounter with a biography of Napoleon in Mrs. Radcliffe’s Grade 3 library class that began a life-long fascination with books and writing. After family postings to Ottawa and Montréal, Malone studied literature and language at John Abbott College and obtained a degree in media communications at Corcordia University. Since 1986, Malone has lived in Nova Scotia working as a technical writer/editor to support a long-time, night-time writing habit.

Malone has nurtured a writing style that is fresh, rule-breaking, and slightly satirical, culminating in works of innovative narrative and imagery. A former tongue-in-cheek sex advice columnist with Instinct magazine, Malone has also written for television (CBC Television/Topsail Entertainment).

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Author photo by David Parker


Big Town A beautiful tale of home and place in Africville, 1963.
(Nimbus, 2011)
I Still Have a Suitcase in Berlin A delicately nuanced and profoundly resonant novel about a young Canadian caught up in the heart of Germany’s mid-century rise to nationalism, war and genocide.
(Random House, Spring 2008)
Miss Elva A haunting canvas of jealousy, betrayal and atonement that can take its rightful place alongside Fall on Your Knees and Mercy Among the Children.
(Random House, 2005) Shortlisted, Dartmouth Book Award for Fiction
2006 Atlantic Book Awards “Miss Elva distills the panoramic small-town tragedy down to its narrative essence, and the result is a strange and strangely elegant little book whose tense momentum rarely wanes.”
–Quill & Quire”A relentlessly action-packed, often menacing story of love and loss. . . . To label this novel ‘gothic’ would be to undermine its almost feral energy. . . . The characters, however, are well drawn and intense, and even the minor ones are memorable. There is some lovely writing, as well.
–National Post

“Miss Elva is a deeply poignant story, fashioned by a writer whose sensitivity to his characters holds us to its bittersweet ending.”
–Donna Morrissey, author of Kit’s Law and Sylvanus Now

“A page-turning chronicle of lust, drunkenness, violence and deceit set on Nova Scotia’s craggy coast 80 years ago. Stephens Gerard Malone is the chronicler, and this first-time author and Maritimer-by-choice doesn’t miss a beat. Miss Elva is plot plus. It’s an action-driven narrative thickened with wonderful tension as back story and present action meet in a harrowing climax of murder, fire and flood. . . . Malone masterfully captures the grinding poverty of his characters and their place in history. . . . A thing of beauty. . . . In Elva, Malone has created a knowing character, and yet a lack of sentimentality keeps her totally believable. . . . An entirely readable novel that manages to transcend its insalubrious setting.”
–Edmonton Journal