Synte Peacock

Synte’s early life was spent journeying between the roiling ferment of South Africa, the green-blue silence of Finland, and the soggy skies of England. Schooling was in the city of York, where she was raised on a diet of Charles Dickens, Pink Floyd, and Cadbury’s chocolate. After graduating from Oxford University, America beckoned. Over the years, she migrated from New York City to New Mexico to the University of Chicago, before finally dropping anchor in Boulder, Colorado. In the two decades Synte spent as an oceanographer and climate scientist, she witnessed dramatic climate change firsthand, from the rapidly thinning Arctic ice to the far-to-warm ocean around Antarctica. The scale and astounding pace of this change fostered a desire to communicate the science behind environmental issues to a broader audience. Synte is interviewed in the movies ‘Chasing Ice’ and ‘Racing Extinction’ and has given numerous talks to audiences from kindergarten classrooms to the Secretary of the USDA. She would like to be a painter or a wolverine in her next life. In this one, she is raising kids, cats, bats and chickens, and writing a book about extinction events — past, present and future. More at


Photo Credit Katy Moses