Tony Babinski

Tony Babinski is a Montreal-based writer, director, producer, and creative director. He is the author of 20 Years Under the Sun, the definitive biography of Cirque du Soleil (Harry N Abrams Publishing) and coauthor of Conversational Capital (Financial Times Press). He is the creative director of STROBE, a multimedia experience that took place at the 5th Annual Dubai Film Festival; a principal creator and director of video content for the Ajax Experience in Amsterdam; a principal creative architect of the C2mtl Conference; and director of behind-the-scenes web documentaries for Cirque du Soleil’s KOOZA, as well as a biography of Aldo Bensaddoun—founder of the ALDO retail chain. His recent projects include award-winning design and branding for SNACKBOX in Times Square, and creative direction of the 2011 and 2012 multi-media Bell Gala in Toronto. Currently, he is the screenwriter and executive producer of The Human Fly, a $15 million feature now in development. Tony Babinski is working on a business book about brand reinvention.

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