Trina Moyles

Trina Moyles is a freelance writer, journalist, photographer, human rights activist, and community organizer. Women Who Dig: Farming, Feminism, and the Fight to Feed the World is her first book. It weaves together the narratives of female farmers and farm workers across three continents, from eight countries. A mix of travel writing and feminism, Women Who Dig is a critical look at how women are responding to, and increasingly, rising up against, the injustices of the global food system.

Ms. Moyles’ works of fiction and poetry have been published in many literary journals, and her journalism in many magazines, and on websites. Over the past ten years, Moyles has worked intimately with rural communities in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba, Canada, and East Africa. She focuses her research and writing on human rights, education, food security, potable water, and gender equality. In 2010, she found the Ceiba Association, a youth-run organization to promote social justice in local and global communities. Her next book will chronicle her experiences over three summers working as a Fire Tower Lookout at a remote location in Canada’s northern boreal forest. Ms. Moyles lives in Peace River, Alberta.

University of Regina Press (North America) Spring, 2018

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Women Who Dig
University of Regina Press, 2018
Cover by University of Regina Press