Umar Saeed

Umar Saeed is a Chartered Accountant with a master’s degree in financial accounting from the University of Waterloo. “Oh, look, it’s the philosopher disguised as an accountant,” his professors used to say. He worked in the financial industry for over ten years, starting with Ernst & Young and then moving to Citco Fund Services, the largest hedge fund service provider in the world. As a former Vice President of Operations at Citco, Umar provided accounting advice to some of the largest and most complex hedge funds in the world. He’s currently a senior advisor in the accounting policy group for the Ministry of Finance, Ontario.

When the global financial system began to meltdown in 2008, Umar was uniquely positioned to explain what was happening with the financial system. He began writing essays on his website ( to share his understanding. He has been published in business magazines such as Seeking Alpha, Canadian MoneySaver, and CA Magazine. Outside of his business writings, he has written creative non-fiction and fiction for publications such as Geist, The Little Red Umbrella and The Flaneur.