Caroline Pignat

Born in Ireland and raised in Ottawa, Caroline Pignat is the Governor General’s Award–winning author of the historical fiction series Greener Grass, Wild Geese and Timber Wolf. Egghead, her first novel is a Red Maple Honour Book recommended by numerous bullying awareness experts for its insightful exploration of bullying from two bystanders’ points of view. A regular contributor to Living Faith Kids, Caroline’s freelance writing appears in publications such as: Living Faith Kids, Highlights for Children; Storyteller; Guideposts; Guideposts for Kids; Novalis; The Word Among Us; Clubhouse,Clubhouse Jr., and other Focus on the Family publications; in local and national newspapers; and in Chicken Soup for the Bride’s Soul.

An experienced elementary, intermediate and high school teacher, Caroline has discovered a synergy between writing and teaching. Author of Educator Guides for her own books and those of other novels, she knows what keeps both students and readers engaged. Caroline currently teaches grade 12 Writers Craft in the mornings and spends afternoons practicing what she preaches.


PCgospeltruthCovThe Gospel Truth (Red Deer Press, Fall 2014) 

Shortlist, Red Maple Book Award, 2016
Winner, Governor General’s Award for Children’s Literature – Text, 2015
Shortlist, Amy Mathers Teen Book Award, 2015
Shortlist, Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction,  2015
Shortlist,The Ottawa Book Award, 2015
Honour Book, CLA Young Adult Book of the Year, 2015

PCUnspeakableCovUnspeakable (Razorbill, Spring 2014)

Egghead No one ever said growing up was easy: friendship, romance, bullying, rage and redemption are all part of it.
(Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Fall 2007) Nominee, Snow Willow Award, 2009
Saskatchewan Young Readers’ Choice Association
Shortlist, Young Adult Book Award, 2009
Canadian Library Association
Honour Book, 2009 Red Maple Award,
Ontario Library Association
Listed, Books About Bullying Age 13 and up, Kids Help Phone “…Pignat’s first novel is a senitive examination of bullying and its psychological roots… the story is face paced and absorbing…”
– Booklist”Pignat explores the sensitive issue of bullying from three different perspectives, weaving the narratives together to give the reader a sense of plot without overdoing any particular scene. . . At the climax of the story, the bullying escalates to a life-threatening incident, and the impact affects all three of the protagonists. With a sensitive ending that does justice to the characters, the situation, and reality, the issues are supported by Pignat’s clear prose and sensitive treatment of the perspectives of three very different characters.
Highly Recommended”
– Canadian Materials”The novel is satisfying and provocative, leaving readers with much food for thought. Hopefully more titles are on the horizon from this gifted writer.”
– The StarPhoenix, Saskatoon”Egghead is a sensitive portrayal of the dynamics behind bullying, peer pressure, and search for identity.”
– The Bureau County Republican

Series Fiction

Timberwolf Jack Byrne, eager for adventure, heads into the wilderness and struggles to survive his first Canadian winter.
(Red Deer Press, 2011) Junior Fiction, Honourable Mention, OLA Best Bets, 2011
Wild Geese Kit leaves famine-ravaged Ireland in this novel which follows Greener Grass.
(Red Deer Press, 2010) Finalist, 2011 Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People
Greener Grass What will it cost a young teen to save her family during the Great Famine in Ireland?
(Red Deer Press, 2008) Governor General’s Literary Award, 2009, Children’s Literature Text Nominated, 2010 Red Maple Award, Forest of Reading Shortlist, Manitoba Young Readers’ Choice Awards, 2010 Starred review, Booklist
Top of the Top Shelf on Voya’s
Top Shelf Fiction for Middle School Readers, 2009
Shortlist, Book of the Year Award, 2009
Canadian Library Association
Finalist, Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People, 2009
Canadian Children’s Book Centre Our Choice, 2009 “Ride with the powerful lilt of the style and you’ll feel the terrible heartbeat of old famine Ireland herself! Pignat is a winner!”
– Brian Doyle, Author of Boy O’Boy and Pure Spring”…a deeply moving and vividly rendered tale that all but lifts modern day readers into the heart of old Ireland itself….Caroline Pignat has done a magnificent job… it is as much an ode to these people and all that they endured as it is a remarkable work of historical fiction.”
– Children’s Book News”Pignat’s writing is strong and detailed, bringing to life historical events in a personal and tangible way.. this is definitely an addition to any ‘must read’ list of young adult novels.
Highly Recommended.”
– Canadian Materials Magazine”True to Kit’s voice, the plain rhythmic language… is lyrical but never ornate. The tension in the story and in the well-developed characters is always rooted in daily detail and it builds to the final question, which suggests a possible sequel: Will Kit make it onto the ship to Canada?”
– starred review in Booklist


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Study Guides

Greener Grass novel by Caroline Pignat(Red Deer Press, 2008)
Egghead novel by Caroline Pignat(Red Deer Press, 2008)
Archipelago novel by David Ward(Red Deer Press, 2008)
How to Make a Wave novel by Lisa Hurst-Archer(Red Deer Press, 2008)
Dooley Takes the Fall novel by Norah McClintock(Red Deer Press, 2008)

Short Fiction

An Auspicious Day short story in textbook(McGraw Hill Ryerson)
Looth Tooth (
In the Presence of the Lord Family Devotions for AdventBooklet
(Creative Communications)
The Perfect Hostess (Clubhouse Magazine)
Poppy’s Jalopy (Highlights for Children)
A Circle of Love Family Devotions for AdventBooklet
(Creative Communications, November 2006)

Agent: Marie Campell