Shaun Bradley

T: (902) 693-2026
1603 Italy Cross Road Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia B4V 6R4 Canada

Shaun has worked in publishing for more than 35 years as a publicist, festival administrator, and general manager.  She joined Transatlantic, first as a member of its Board, and then as a full-time agent more than 15 years ago.  She represents a boutique list of award-winning list of clients who write fiction and nonfiction for adult readers. 

Areas of Interest: Adult literary fiction and narrative non-fiction (primarily science and investigative journalism). I do not represent poetry, science fiction or fantasy, romance, cookbooks, self-help, education or scholarly works, travel guides, children’s literature or art books.

Guidelines: Currently closed to new clients except by referral. Submissions queries via email only, preferably with a reference from a published writer. Authors are asked to email a cover letter with an attachment of maximum 20-page writing sample/excerpt (Microsoft Word document), along with a story synopsis and CV. Please note if other agents are also considering the project (including other Transatlantic agents). Due to the volume of submissions received, replies will be sent only for submissions being actively considered.

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