World rights to Jason McBride‘s biography on leading post-modern provocateur Kathy Acker, KATHY ACKER: Her Revolutionary Life and Work, drawing on unprecedented access to her personal papers, manuscripts and letters, as well as extensive, exclusive interviews with Acker’s family, friends, lovers and rivals, and chronicling a life of uncommon drama and cultural excitement, sold to Ira Silverberg at Simon & Schuster in a deal by Samantha Haywood.

Deal News — Kathy Acker: Her Revolutionary Life and Work

World rights for Jason McBride’s KATHY ACKER: Her Revolutionary Life and Work sold to Philip Leventhal by Samantha Haywood at Columbia University Press for publication in 2017, the 20th anniversary of Acker’s death.

KATHY ACKER: Her Revolutionary Life and Work draws on interviews with Acker’s friends, lovers, publishers and editors and is the first complete biography, written with the full support of the Acker estate. Notorious for sexual, violent novels that both drew on her own turbulent life and brazenly appropriated texts from Cervantes, Faulkner and others, Acker played a role in every North American cultural moment and movement of the last half of the 20th century, from New Left political activism to punk.