Marilyn Biderman

Representing adult authors 

Areas of Interest: Literary fiction; sweet-spot fiction, that is, accessible but literary in intent (often found at book clubs); literary crime fiction; and women’s commercial and historical fiction. I love memoir with an utterly unique story and brilliant writing; narrative non-fiction on compelling and newsworthy topics that anticipate trends; expert non-fiction of wide appeal from authors with established social media platforms; and biographies of fascinating lives. I don’t handle children’s books, except for young adult novels with cross-over appeal (very selectively, and only by referral); or poetry, screenplays, science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy for adult readers.

Please send a brief query by email with a concise description of the manuscript, along with a small sample of it (up to 1500 words) attached as a plain Word document or pdf, and a short biography. I respond within a week when I am interested in seeing complete manuscripts or additional material. I welcome début and established authors, and diverse voices.

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